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Thin lips, almond shaped obliquely set black eyes, thin silky black hair along with a rather "flat" face, Aruna stumbled into Sinifar as an acheology japanese student with a death wish.
She usually wears thick round glasses, which have been enchanted to repair themselves and return to her hand on a simple summoning cue.

She's pretty short (like, elf-sized, while not elven by any stretches, just a human), pretty lean and thin. Her nails, when painted are black and her hands always very clean... except when they're drenched in blood.

She's in her early twenties and can be asserted as pretty even tho she's rather the discret "Girl next door" type with a fair bit of emo-goth make up and sulking attitude, pleasing to the eye but ultimately forgettable kind of beauty. All a matter of taste.

For those particularly sensitive, there is some sort of aura of eeriness around her, as if in her presence stuffs are creeping in the shadows. Furthermore, if you can sense this thing, there is a very Evil aura emanating from her (a Demon that was sealed in her body).

Also, she has the ability to summon a bakemono's porcelain mask to cover her face when she goes in battle. If that ever happens again...

Collar :-----------------------------------------------

There is an enslavement collar around her neck, fashioned out of three prime materials. First, the outer skin coating - thick, black leather of a hellhound, with runes of ownership written alongside the rim of the collar. Inside, a padding made out of bebelith silk. The silk'd be designed in such a way as to shrink once the choking enchantment of the collar'd be activated, making it so that the throat'd be forcibly wrapped only by the leathery band around it. The third material is thick spikes of duergar darksteel enchanted to suck out the magic from the wearer of the collar, making spellcasting much more difficult. Several demonic runes adorned the leather surface of the collar, betraying various punishments, ready to be unleashed upon the unfortunate wearer by the controller.

Piercings :------------------------------------------

She has a whole array of magical piercings.
Two studs adorning her tongue, with abyssal runes of pleasure carved on the gems topping them off - one piercing topped with a pearl, one with amber.
A pair of golden, large nipple rings, finished with emeralds, dark pleasure magic runes carved around the surface.
A platinum stud with a rune of pleasure burned with gold on top of it, and a platinum bar behind her hood, down there, along with six smaller rings installed in the flesh of labia minora, enchanted with pleasure runes and chastity spells, causing them to grow a stitch of chains between them if activated.

lights and preferences :------------------------

Greenlights mostly revolve around Bondage and Non-consensual IC stuff. Mmmh... Creativity and overall anything fun. Oh, Coherence too, are greatly appreciated.

Reds are kinda hard to define for me as I might pretty much go along with anything if it's well brought in and the mood is there, nonetheless if it's too brutal to be fun for me, Gore for the sake of it, Pain for sheer sadistic torture, I might ask to shorten things up or simply stop. Oh, mmh, Mind Control too, is something I'm usually really not fond of. Otherwise, apply server rules.

''Bend it, don't break it, be responsible.''

Gender (Visually):Female
Race (Visually): Human