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Aruna will be most of the time wearing a white porcelain Bakemono mask when she goes into battle.

Of course, when she's wearing it, it's difficult to detail her features and thus she appears simply like a very short young human (pretty much elf-sized, but she's not elven by any stretch) with raven black hair, a thin silhouette and arms. Her nails are painted and her hands clean except if they're drenched in blood.

If you see her without her mask, then it's quite possible she'll be wearing her thick reading glasses, with a book in hand. It's then much easier to evaluate she's in her early twenties. Her skin color along with almond shaped deep black eyes make her asian descent unmistakable.

She can be asserted as pretty even tho she's rather the discret "Girl next door" type, pleasing to the eye but ultimately forgettable kind of beauty. All a matter of taste.

For those particularly sensitive, there is some sort of aura of eeriness around her, as if in her presence stuffs are creeping in the shadows.

lights and stuff :

Greenlights mostly revolve around Bondage and Non-consensual IC stuff. Mmmh... Creativity and overall anything fun. Oh, Coherence too, are greatly appreciated.

Reds are kinda hard to define for me as I might pretty much go along with anything if it's well brought in and the mood is there, nonetheless if it's too brutal to be fun for me, Gore for the sake of it, Pain for sheer sadistic torture, I might ask to shorten things up or simply stop. Oh, mmh, Mind Control too, is something I'm usually really not fond of.

''Bend it, don't break it, be responsible.''
Gender (Visually):Female
Race (Visually): Human