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Apparent Race: Human..?
Apparent Age: Mid-twenties
Gender: Female

Height: 5'3"
Hair: Raven; Wild, windswept, jagged ends, near shoulder-length
Facial Features: Delicate, smoothly rounded feminine features, alluring smile, magnetic gaze
Eyes: Pale amber
Lips: Dark Cherry
Nails: Pitch Black; Lengthened, sharp (hands and feet)
Skin: Pale Cream; Smooth, flawless
Frame: Delicate, shapely, dancer's feminine frame
Bust: Somewhat modest but perky and well-rounded
Voice: Silky smooth, calm, low honeyed tones, inviting lilt
Scent: Pleasantly perfumed, favoring exotic fruit and spice blends, cherries appear to be a common favorite

Sauntering along with the patter of remarkably pristine bare feet with the carefree sway of a woman who somehow seems far removed from the troubles of the commonwealth, this raven-haired beauty wears an inviting, magnetic smile, projecting the air of one not averse to striking up a conversation with a stranger, rain or shine, day or night.

The manner in which she seems unbothered by, or even in open rebellion to both the elements of the great outdoors as well as the more abstract ills of the world, wearing that private smile as though savoring some delightful cosmic insight she alone is privy to, is equal parts endearing and suspect. Indeed, swimming in the depths of her pale amber gaze is a cunning and calculation far beyond what one would expect from a young woman of such delicate inclinations.

A dizzying array of charms, chains, trinkets and other less clearly defined ornaments typically adorn her slender form, complementing the harrowing mishmash of flowing silks and garments more appropriate upon those who relish the great outdoors, only further enhancing the cacophony of exotic allure the woman courts.

Caught unawares by her lonesome, one can often find her peering out into a distant inward, or outward horizon, contemplating some inner mystery, or perhaps seeking something more tangible in the waking world. Other times she appears wholly languid, humming a somber, entrancing tune.

There might be more to this fair maiden than meets the eye, secreted away behind a veil of simmering allure and a wholly pleasant exterior. They say insight finds those who seek it...


None, I enjoy all sorts of RP and am generally happy to go where events and consequences take us. I tend to favor longer, deeper interactions, plots/plot hooks and character development opportunities over brief one-offs, but there's no harm in a little variation. If you've something typically considered extreme in mind, why not drop a tell? =)

For the sake of sparking the imagination however, here's a few things I like:
- Chance encounters (hostile, friendly, tense or light-hearted and anything in between) in remote locations
- Wilderness RP
- Engaging conversationalists
- Occult/Arcana, intricate rituals and the like
- Clever use of magic in RP
- Intriguing artifacts (cursed objects? ancient relics? questionable contraptions?)
- Exotic creatures/monsters

- All things extraplanar, particularly the lower planes (Demons may find some interesting resonance)
- In-depth negotiations, bargains, pacts, etc
- Tasteful combat or conflict RP (mutual fun first)

- All things dark fantasy
- Secrets & mystery, intrigue, slow-burn payoffs
- Plotlines, private or otherwise
- Consequences (short- and/or long-term)
- Corruption & redemption
- Mind trickery, magical or drug-induced (giving and receiving)
- Elaborate coercion schemes
- Encounters with Eldritch beings and unknowable forces

And conversely, here's a few things you may find Morvyn reluctant to engage in:
- Particularly unsanitary private activities
- BDSM, heavy bondage, "slavery" (actual capture/enslavement, however, would be interesting if it serves an IC purpose...)
- Unclear gender definitions

Lastly, I have a philosophy: If you can find my location in the player list, that means I'm almost certainly not preoccupied, and always appreciate new opportunities for RP!

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The Glitch Mob - Between Two Points

Peter Gundry - Dark Magic

Karliene - Witch

Player:Midnight Minuet
Gender (Visually):Female
Race (Visually): Human