Fenia Mel'for

Long silver hair frames this beautiful Drows face, creating contrast with her ebony skin. Violet almond-shaped eyes peering menacingly at those in her view. Her dark lip poised into an unsettling smile.
Her dark-skinned body slim and toned showing just a hint of muscle. her hips slightly wide giving her a firm tight rear, and long flowing legs each one leading to slim perfectly manicured toes capped with purple toenails.

She wears the finest cloths and leathers decorated with gold and platinum trinkets.

Reds: Vore, permadeath, scarring. drama

Yellows: lasting changes  

Greens: Males females, Herms, humiliation, punishment clamps plugs watersports plus a lot more.

Whites: Femdom, CBT ass worship(or anything anal), foot boots heals etc, spanking, ass licking Bondage, Gags, Pet play. Canes whips. Poison, Sexual torture.

Gender (Visually):Female
Race (Visually): Elf