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Name: Miyuki
Race: Kitsune
Age: Yes
Orientation: Yes
Hair/Fur Color: Silvery-white
Eyes: Pale amethyst (light, light purple)
Height: 4'4" (132 cm)
Weight: Ask again if you want a permanent limp

What could be learned either by asking her directly or by asking around if you happen to run into someone who's a bit familiar with her.

Miyuki is a kitsune who came into being when a failed love/lust spell was cast, by a witch, on a holy warrior.  Unfortunately for her, the first people that she ran into were monastic priestesses who viewed both love and lust as emotions best avoided. Their Order took her in as comforting the lost was what their temple saw as the highest of priorities. She spent years there, learning the ways of the devout and chaste, but having the undercurrent of what she is as a continuing problem.  She found herself constantly being chastised by the sisters of the order, reprimanded for her curiosity and then fawned over because she found that proper pouting prevents perturbed peoples punishments.  Being small of stature and somewhat frail in appearance usually melted the most severe of attitudes and things went fairly well.  Eventually, all good things come to an end, and the Revered Mother, who had originally taken Miyuki into care,  passed to her celestial reward. The new Revered Mother saw the kitsune as a menace to the peace and tranquility of the order and invited her to leave on a cold, dark night.  Taking to the road, she found herself wandering in a vast, confusing realm and eventually ended up following someone who was telling stories onto a boat destined for Sinifer. The trip, to her, was horrid as she experienced her first of many episodes of seasickness.  The rest is yet to come and the confused kitsune is trying to fit in as best she can.


More to come as it develops. Miyuki is timid, shy and deathly afraid of her emotions, as they tend to trigger her magics, sometimes with disastrous results.  If you have any questions or comments, please send a tell as the player is tell friendly (or, at least likes to think so).  I love RP of all sorts.  Reds and other colors are generally based on current mood, so please ask.
Gender (Visually):Female
Race (Visually): Elf