cocksleeve  is very tall for an elf, and lithe as expected, rather weakly built, with a fleshy and protruberantly overvoluptuous and bosomy build, with hourglass figure, big ass, dancers legs, and simply huge bobbing boobs.  Her complection is ivory, her hair silver, worn up in an aristocratic pompadour, and her eyes are red.
cocksleeve is gorgeous, with an  unmodified starting CHA of 18, (current: 20).  She appears as a teenager, but is actually 120 years old.  She speaks common with an  aristocratic, classy accent, denoting  a privileged upbringing.  She wears a slave whore brand tattooed on her right ass cheek, a stylized Orc power fist, plowing upward into a stylized pink womb with white ova descending into a gushing geyser of green semen, which tattoo she never covers.  Her belly is covered with an owned property brand, the primitive red ochre Orc pawprint, fingers splayed downwards, of the Orc band known as the "Barduk" gang.  Her udders are overwritten with an ink marker, the word "Rape" on her right breast, and the word "Only" is marked on her left titty.  the ink is fading but fairly fresh.
Gender (Visually):Female
Race (Visually): Elf