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Being the daughter of a soldier isn't easy. Especially when you're his only child. Even moreso when your dad is seen as a half god, son of War and Victory.

Anthea was born in Chessenta, a realm of Faerûn, and grew up being her father's little flower. She inherited his long and thin auburn-brown hair and sun kissed, bronze skin. Her black eyes, soul-deep gaze, full lips and cute upturned nose are her mother's though.

She's built like a model, quite tall for a human female her age, but thinner than a dancer, except for her chest, that blossomed too soon, too much. Her eighteen years of youthfullness makes her most of the time look down at other women, both due to her size and some contempt in her attitude. She stands with the pride and poise of a mighty Bull.

Her face is noble and fair, pretty even and she'd look quite innocent until you notice that little something feral, aggressive in the way she moves or look around at the world. She has a golden ring set in her septum.

As for lights and stuff :

Greenlights mostly revolve around Bondage and Non-consensual IC stuff. Mmmh... Creativity and overall anything fun. Oh, Coherence too, are greatly appreciated.
A warning tho, She's rather fiesty and -will- resist.

Reds are kinda hard to define for me as I might pretty much go along with anything if it's well brought in and the mood is there, nonetheless if it's too brutal to be fun for me, Gore for the sake of it, Pain for sheer sadistic torture, I might ask to shorten things up or simply stop. Oh, mmh, Mind Control too, is something I'm usually really not fond of. Otherwise, apply server rules.

''Bend it, don't break it, be responsible.''

Gender (Visually):Female
Race (Visually): Elf