Elandrea Swift

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An icy haze seems to have crept over the woman's features.  Once a warm spring pool has cooled and frozen over, locking her expressions into the chill of bitterness and loss.

She appears as a human woman in her very early twenties.  There is a shimmery mist that surrounds her like a haze, twinkling in subtle prismatic glimmers in the sun, or silvery in the moonlight.  When frightened the droplets intensify into a soft mist that may cling to whoever or whatever is invasive close.  Her pristine ivory skin, while smooth as silk has a unique sleekness to it, feeling always cool and gives a moist feel to whoever touches her.

The woman's oval face is soft and delicately formed, her nose nose is dainty, and her lips, while often pouty and full, are not wide.  The most striking feature are her eyes, wide and expressive, shades of blue shifting within like the waves of the ocean and framed by thick black lashes that curl at the tips.  

She is of average height, and her body is well padded from a life spent in her arcane and artisan studies.  Her diminutive waist is followed before and after by the distinct curves of a woman, her hips fill out any dress she wears to it's best effect, while her breasts overfill her blouse, and leaving a deep 'V' of cleavage between the well rounded bosom.

She carries a soft fragrance of cherry blossom, just hinted at under a frost.  Invoking the memory or thought of a spring orchard that was flash frozen in a dangerous spring storm.
Gender (Visually):Female
Race (Visually): Human