Kari (Ai'Vala)

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Race: Human
Eyes: Sapphire Blue
Hair: Pale blonde
Height: 4'4"
Bust: Way more than a mouthful, thanks
Waist: Small enough to get your fingers around
Butt: *slap*
Weight: enough to make you watch, whether she's approaching or retreating.

Kari was born in Waterdeep and grew up on the streets there. She'd learned that, as a child, being cute and innocent was a means of getting people to feed her and sometimes buy her clothing, or at least handoff outgrown items from their own children. She found safe places to sleep, bathe, and keep out of people's way, and became quite skilled at hiding, and sometimes snatching things that would bring her a "shiny" from the fences she knew throughout the city. Eventually, she became an adult and discovered, much to her dismay, that the municipal constabulary took a dim view of her antics when fully grown. They invited her to a "safe haven" which turned out to be a jail cell. Fortunately for her, one of the guards took pity, knowing that since she had no visible means of support, nor ability to pay the incurred fines for snatching belongings of a local merchant, she was destined for the auction block. He "forgot" to lock the cell that she was detained in, and Kari didn't hesitate for a moment when he left to get himself refreshments. She made her way free of the jail and headed straight for the docks to see if there was anything to these stories of "adventures" she'd overheard at the local taverns. Thus, she stowed away on a ship that landed at the docks of the Halcyon Ward. After investigating the town a bit, she found that there were others in her own predicament, and is currently learning what she can, when she can. She wears a simple bow-tied ribbon (the same blue as her eyes) that has a bell on it, although the clapper of the bell is missing. She would appear to be a human woman, though smaller in stature than most.  Her evenly tanned body is well toned, as athletic as it is voluptuous, with a generous portion to gaze upon as she walks away.

Please send a tell to discover lights, which are apt to change on mood. RP for any further information. Player is tell friendly.
Gender (Visually):Female
Race (Visually): Human