Ailixis Fizzlewocket

Sex: Female Model
Gender: Female
Orientation: Gnomishly Curious

Drawing near to her, presents with a mechanical sounding soft hum or whirr usually, Ailixis is more golem or machine, then she is girl at this point, her external body life support for that scant few functional parts of her within. Ailixis looks like her model and normal from a distance, drawing nearer presents with very slight signs of being artificial, overly organized synthetic hair, artificial skin, a lack of blemishes, and other slight differences well her mouth moves a high quality crystal hidden within actually makes the sound, sometimes the movements of her mouse are just a little out of sync with what she says, if she talks fast this can become incredibly noticable.

Depending on circumstances her weight varies, she has different power components and those for the most part along with other everday augments makes her weight vary wildly, from lighter then an average gnome to hundreds of pounds or kilos. Externally this change is usually not obvious (unless being picked up by something or someone)

Well some people become Aasimar and the like, by being born after a celestial or angel comes to visit and their very presence bringing the infant closer to the divine, Ailixis is the opposite born when an avatar of death itself came to the material plane, what she took in from death itself not at all healthy. At first that lingering power was weak, but in time it'd grow spreading death itself through her body, pale gaunt, and ever drawing closer and closer to death. A normally terminal illness and defect when she was very young she could still laugh and play, but in time her body will fall to rot. She'd always look up to her sister Eilixis Fizzlewocket a sister who'd always doted on her, the day Ailixis' legs had to be removed Eilixis promised to save her, a promise she'd make good on. Those from her home town would remember a screaming little girl, hating her fate, upset and not completely understanding why the flesh that would kill her from rot and septic shock had to be removed.

Eilixis became an inventor with a gift for crafting golems obsessively hone her craft as if blessed by Gond or Garl Glittergold, more and more over years, her sister at the same time growing closer and closer to death, her limbs, her eyes, everything taken eventually the tantrums stopping, no energy left for them.  Longevity given through the begins of her sisters craft, and through innovation and practicing on other desperate people Eilixis managed to perfect the art of golems and machines enough to give her sister a new body quite literally her lifes work, one that would give the last vestiges of the scant frail gnome alive both life support and a body in itself even her brain was mechanical and everything having redundancy for her eventual death as she becomes more and more machine.

For the first time in ages Ailixis is whole, a shut-in by mandate shes deeply curious of the world, a partially living doll in her sisters keeping. At least Ailixis finally moved out of her parents home, to their infinite joy that it wasn't through her death but rather to experience life.

Character Notes (more to come as needed): She has no off switch, she is maintained by magic and mechanics and they are redundant to one another. Ailixis is inexperienced at things, but is by no means an idiot or child and has at least read or was told about most common things even if doing them is new and novel.

Character Inspirations: Shadowrun, Ghost in the Shell

Characters Themes: Being treated as a doll, explorations in pain and romance, Light in the Darkness, Beloved Little Sister, Hope and Despair

Red: Rape, anal, things against the server rules, being used as a bathroom.
Yellow/Green: Open to most things, I'll message if theres an issue.
Special likes: Dressing up, and being peer pressured into wearing naughtier outfits and outragious costumes. Artificial things. Fondling.
Gender (Visually):Female
Race (Visually): Elf