Karis was a diminutive creature, ostensibly human with perhaps some form of unknown heritage. Standing only a few inches over five feet, she wasn't extraordinarily intimidating. One might've suspected an otherworldly background given her distinctively unique silvery hair, abnormally long tongue and peculiarly colored eyes. Her dusky complexion would've hinted at an arid origin, perhaps a desert. Her beguiling visage would tempt the resolve of many who encountered her. That, coupled with a few promiscuous trappings gave her a rather licentious aura. The appurtenances mentioned included a bulky septum ring and a more than inviting tongue ring. An underlying quality of perfection belied her sleazy affect, contradicting in a way that seemed bizarre, but intriguing never the less. The left side of her body was imbued with a vast array of intricate tattoos, similar to the color of her eyes and hair.
Gender (Visually):Female
Race (Visually): Human