Saewynn Wulv

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Race: Kitsune
Height: 6'10'' (Whoa shes tall!)

Tall, athletic, standing with confidence this woman catches you staring with cocky yet playful grin.

Her voice carried a mild Kozakuran accent when she spoke

When donned in her armor, this is what is seen:
Each piece of this armour is carefully designed and prepared to ensure that one has both mobility and protection from the average attacker, each piece placed with care to ensure that all the vital points are protected in some manner or another.

This suit of armour, however, shows the sign of wear and use, however particularly well trained eyes could see that much of it has had time spent on repairing it, some portions seemingly newer than other, those less astute would instead likely find their gazes drawn to the platings that decorate along the chest leading down towards the armour about the thighs. The reason for this being that irregular breaks and deep cuts into the armour appeared to have been repaired with molten gold, adding to the red and black in a complimentary manner. One may think that this has weakened the armour as a whole but would find that there are subtle points of magic within to ensure structural stability.

For anyone with true sight, send me a tell!
Gender (Visually):Female
Race (Visually): Uknown