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~~~~ OOC Information ~~~~

- Tell-friendly.

- If it looks like I'm AFK, send me a tell to make sure. More often I'm not. ^^

- This character is a shapechanger, though all forms will remain humanoid for the most part. WYSIWYG nine times out of ten, with the description below being the most common traits between all forms, particular identifiers, and other permanent fixtures.

- This character is available for demonic summoning! Whether for reasons of a pact for power, an exchange of knowledge, or simply a good plowing, send a tell and let's set something up~!

- Scroll to the bottom for a description of Erin's current form.

~~~~~~~ Chyraxitherin ~~~~~~~

( Kai racks eh there in)

Race: Incu-/Succu-bus
Apparent Age: Mid twenties.
Apparent Gender: It's... complicated.
Sex: Also kinda complicated.
Height: Varies, see above.
Weight: Varies, see above.
Hair Color: WYSIWYG
Eye Color: WYSIWYG
Skin Color: WYSIWYG

Extra details:
- Erin typically has no scars, moles, or any kind of blemish.
- Erin typically has no hair, not even a little fuzz, except for their head.
- Orientation: The Pickiest of Pansexuals, switch leaning dominating.


Chy is an ancient neutral evil fiend, though not necessarily from a D&D campaign setting. Assume a strong evil aura.


Chyraxitherin is well known throughout the lower planes as an advisor to Malcanthet. If you would like your fiend to personally know, or have heard of through their reputation, my character, feel free to shoot me a PM. I'm always open to adding to Chy's history. :D


An elegantly beautiful thing with soft, androgynous facial features bordering on feminine no matter their form. Chy's voice in all forms is sweet and melodic, with a slight singsong tone to it. Always does this creature carry themselves with poise and grace befitting nobility in all things, with slow, purposeful movements.

~~~~~~~ Abyssal Traits ~~~~~~~

Shapeshifting -
The Incu-/Succu-bus is able to change their shape at will, though within limited scope, as a tool to appeal to the desires of potential partners. Usually directed by the desires of those they have attuned themself to. (See Below)

True Sight -
Abyssal heritage provides the Incu-/Succu-bus with the ability to pierce past most illusions or shapechanges and glimpse the truer nature of things.

(( These effects are entirely optional, feel free to PM me if you choose to employ them. ^^ ))

Aura of Soothing -
The Incu-/Succu-bus is able to generate a natural pheromone and mild psionic field around themself, soothing the nerves of those in close proximity and drawing them into a natural sense of calm and contentment. This serves to lure potential partners into false security and help break down inhibitions.

Aura of Lust -
In addition to the above, either protracted period of exposure to the Incu-/Succu-bus' aura, or by the Incubus concentrating on the subject, can draw out the more carnal side of those susceptible, or at the very least cause tingling tickles in the erogenous zones as the skin flushes and fills those affected with inexplicable lust.

Addictive Fluids -
When ingested, the various fluids (semen, saliva, sweat, etc...) of the Incu-/Succu-bus can produce a narcotic effect of tingling euphoria that can become addictive with repeated ingestion. This addiction can lead to an altered state of mind, causing thoughts of subservience and a need to please the Incubus in question and eventually total submission to the fiend's will.

~~~~~~~~ Sexy Stuff ~~~~~~~~
As an aside, whites, greens, and yellows are CHARACTER lights. With the exception of the reds, the player is extremely kink and story friendly and will usually be alright with anything that happens.

Domination, seduction, and trickery, enticing souls into willing enslavement both short and long term. Collaring, body/behavior/clothes modification. Pet play, slave play, bondage both light and abusive. Hypnosis and/or addiction, blackmail.

More to come as RP progresses.

Pretty much anything and everything not yellow or red. Everything including both romantic and sweet, tender and mild as well as harsh and cruel, abusive and dark and anything in between.

All races are welcome.

Approaches both confident and timidly shy are welcome.

Soul-devouring available on request. Just send me a tell either for setup or during, if that's your wish. ^^

These are things that COULD happen under the right circumstances, but not likely.

Very few things, mostly being the recipient of permanent binding. Erin bottoming or switching.

Pedo, loli/shota, necro, toilet, violent torture (dismemberment or decapitation, mutilation, etc) or gore, vore, and anything against the rules.

~~~ Current Notes ~~~

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Player:The Demon Formerly Known As
Gender (Visually):Female
Race (Visually): Human