Biami Rustien

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Biami Rustien (Bibi)

Race: Gnome
Height: 121.9 cm (4'0")
Weight: 34.9 kg (77 pounds)
Hair: Silver-white
Eyes: Blue
Voice: Soft Soprano


You see a very short, yet properly proportioned woman, most likely in her late teens or very early twenties. Your first glance might lead to the conclusion that she's of elven blood, but her tiny ears, hidden beneath the thick, wild mane of silvery white tresses, betrays that as a mistake if they peek out of hiding, or she presses the locks behind one of them. She usually keeps her head down, unless she's with someone, or perhaps a group whom she trusts, and is usually quite nervous if alone, especially near large groups of people.  She would likely avoid towns altogether if she didn't need to come shopping for supplies, to sell her wares or to watch the competitions in the arena.  Her large cerulean eyes dart around whatever area she's in as though she's making mental notes of who is around and what's where.  These glances are likely when you would see her face in full before she lowers her eyes again.  If you look at her body, there's nothing overly special about it, unless you like human, womanly features. Her breasts are a bit modest for Sinifer, but a very good handful, even for those with quite large hands, and she's comfortable with them. The nipples tend to poke out, almost like either sneaking a peek or begging for attention, against any shirt unless it's of very thick or heavy fabric. She's quite aware of this, and very embarrassed by it if she catches you staring at them. Unfortunately the rebellious little buds seem to like the caress of your eyes, so they'll press harder.  A vicious cycle, but she can't always wear a coat.  She also has a little more hip and thigh than the typical waifish lot, but she's far from overweight.  Her bottom is nicely round and twitches as she walks, although she doesn't seem to be aware of it, or anything else that might catch your attention.  Truth be told, she likely figures you're looking at the others, as she has no thought of herself as being attractive in any way. If you take the time to look closer, you can see the wariness in her eyes of someone who's seen horrible things up close, and her body language would indicate that she's quite ready and willing to run like the wind.  And if you ARE watching her as you read this, she's very likely noticed unless she's distracted, and getting more than a little self conscious.

ORIENTATION: Bisexual.  Very submissive

Subject to change based on mood and how the RP is going, so send a tell if you have questions or suggestions or whatever.  I'm not comfortable with just jumping into ERP, so some build up is best (like getting to know yours and my RP styles).

REDS: Nothing against server rules, nothing illegal, no toilet games, and the typical reds that most people seem to be listing (ie, nothing permanent, no dismemberment, snuff, or actual animals, vore or gore or body alterations of any sort). Absolutely no gross out yuck fests (not into the grimy, dirty, smelly, nasty, sorry).  No piercing, branding, disfigurement, blood or pain for the sake of pain.  Extremes are typically a "no, thank you," but if there are any doubts or questions, please ask.
I'm sorry, but the player is intimidated by crowds OOC, so, until I can get a grip on it, so is the character IC. Animals and animal cocks are a definite "No."

YELLOWS: Mostly still trying to figure those out, other than to think it means I'm hesitant, but will go there, at least sometimes. That would mean: Public - like I've mentioned elsewhere...crowds make me nervous.  Herms and monster types are also yellows.

GREENS: Always loved the heart racing stuff, so the more surprising the better. I like things a little rough. This includes spanking, ass-play, breath play, threats, coersions, forced whatever (crawling, begging, etc), minor to moderate tortures, over-sized, overwhelmed, exhausted or whatever your creativity brings, within reason. Minor to moderate pain (such as spanking and shaking) and bondage. And consensual non-con.  I'm not much for playing with those whose RP and person I don't know.  Say "hi" and let the RP lead it to where it's going to go.
Gender (Visually):Female
Race (Visually): Human