Name: Felciia (No family name)
Sex: Female
Gender: Female
Orientation: Dyna Ma
Alignment: Chaotic Good
Appearance: What you see is what you get.
Other: She smells very subtlely of flowers, being near her makes those of good alignment feel a bit at peace, and those who are not a bit unsettlesd (Super natural magical effect).

Felicia was born to a many times cursed mother who was being punished by a fallen angel. Felicia's mother 'Pink', had done a terrible amount of womanizing before reaping karma and then some.. Pinks shattered mind had come to love and hate punishment to the point she thought she was two different people. The person who loved being punished, and the person being punished.

When Pink became pregnant with a literal litter, she pleaded with her owner to have one more child, that part of her being punished, and that's who Felicia is. A child born of a torn soul. Following how Aasimar are usually the product of a celestial presence during pregnancy (though also blood ancestry). With Felicia's incomplete soul something had to fill in that gap and an angel's presence is 'just the ticket'.

Everyone in her mothers litter was marked to be a slave, trained since birth to obey but not as 'punishment' but as an act of disturbed love, for Felicia (and her passed down curses) however this was made to be a punishment and all that much worse for it. Well Felicia loves her mother and can't help that, her feeling towards whats been done to her are for the most part decidedly against. The more she gre

When she finally came of age raised mostly in a pocket plane, she had literally grown angelic wings, wings her mother tried to cut off. An act that didn't go well for her mother (and a bit of a spoiler to detail!), and lead Felicia to choose a life of defiance and freedom, though trapped by deep seeded indoctrination.

Red: Rape, bathroom things (violations of privacy are fine). Violations of server rules.
Yellow: Anal.
Green: Qutie a lot of things!

Character Themes/Kinks:
Redemption, control, stockholm syndrome, identity (sexual too), innocence, sin, alignment, love, hate., self control and when there is a lack of it, family drama, and adventure!.
Player:More mistakes were made
Gender (Visually):Female
Race (Visually): Elf