Tristessea Daratrazanoff-Koval

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Like a dense fog in the night, silent and somewhat unexpected yet slowly and purposefully; the woman arrives in the town of Karovagraad in the Urskoy region. In a relatively brief amount of time, the woman establishes both a home and business in the small town. Neither where she hails from nor why she has traveled to Sinfar is known and she's not likely to reveal such information to most.

"All that is dead carries the echoes of life. All that lives hears the call of its death."

Physically the woman, an obvious example of the highest degree of elegance and refinement, appears to be in her early twenties but looks can be deceiving. Her raven black hair, having become streaked with a dusky grey, falls about her countenance and dazzling green eyes. Her features bear full lips with a crimson hue, high cheekbones, and a slightly upturned nose. At 5'5" tall, her slender figure supports long legs, the slight flare of feminine hips, and a small yet firm arse. Her bosom, however, usually confined in the support of various corsets displays perky yet feminine D-cup breasts that in truth are a tad too large for her petite frame. Her body is covered in flawless skin, far as one can tell when she is clothed, with an alabaster <complexion that would make you think she hasn't aged a day since blossoming into a woman. Her nails are always dotted with a shade that matches her lips and her eyes always have darkened shadows brushed about them. She appears to favor hues of rich reds and dark blacks and is always dressed in the finery of silks, satins, furs, velvets, and cashmeres. She also can be seen frequently adorned with a plethora of ruby gemmed jewelry upon dark obsidian or ebon black settings. Her rich, alto voice which is usually somewhat morose and thickly accented, would lead one to quickly ascertain she seems to be highly educated. Despite her seemingly young age, she often speaks with the wisdom of sages and a shrewd intellect. She appears to have the knowledge of a dedicated scholar, or perhaps she's merely learned that much in her lifetime being born into privilege. Her beauty possessing a regal grace that is almost hypnotic, yet at the same time the woman is quite practical, thoroughly methodical, and often downright macabre. Though apparently human, she has an odd eccentricism that is almost unnaturally exuberant which seems to magnetically draw people to her. However, don't expect to get close to her for you may regret coming into her embrace or worse...

"Death is an enigma, and we have a duty to master its secrets."

A woman of many talents, interests, and secrets; her journey opened up toward a newfound path - one of a higher calling, greater purpose, and far darker than anything she had ever before attempted to undertake. Unfortunately things do not always play out quite as one anticipates and such was no different for her. However, a rather lengthy interruption is not enough to cause one such as herself to cease such endeavors. As of late, it would appear the woman became wedded to the lord of the Urskoy region in a small, private ceremony given the lack of public announcement nor celebration. Now as lady and matron of the Koval estate with opportunities abound as she begins her work anew, her intentions of course seem well-meaning enough but then nothing is ever as it seems...

"Let no childe of Caine ever leave through this path; let no son of Seth ever enter."

"Dark of You" ~ Breaking Benjamin
"The Fighter" ~ In This Moment
"Fragile Minds" ~ Silent Theory


Far as lights go simple, RP it out and I'll speak up if it's headed toward something I'm not kosher with. I expect the same courtesy. I'm down to take things to dice rolls if need be.

True race will only be discovered through RP and the development of trust between characters or other appropriate IC situations. Character is based off the World of Darkness setting. Character is in actuality a vampire of the assumed extinct Cappadocian clan, approximately 300 years of age (no meta-gaming this as it is not obvious), and is currently on the Path of Death and the Soul. Abilities are as follows:


This is the Discipline that grants one unearthly toughness, even to the point of resisting fire and sunlight.
This is the Discipline that grants one supernatural senses, even to the point of being able to communicate telepathically and reading minds.
This is the Discipline rooted in the control and manipulation of death. More specifically, Mortis is a form of blood magic dealing with corpses and their conditions after death.


This is a merit that provides the strange gift of foresight, though revelations are brief and dim. Prescience gives little insight of immediate or tactical value, but it does prepare the observer somewhat for the future. This insight may be anything from knowing whether or not an individual may be trusted, recognizing an object of value, or many other effects. It is worthwhile to note that the visions are not "possible futures." Rather, they are murky and vague fragments of a definite time to come.
~Dark Secret~
This is a flaw stemming from something from your past that haunts you. If found out, it could destroy you or, at least you believe it will. When the truth rears its ugly head, you must quash it or suffer the consequences of your secret getting out. You live every day knowing that at some point, word will get out and you will be unable to stop it.
This is a flaw stemming from someone in power who doesn't want you around. Maybe he wants territory you possess, or is jealous of the attention you're getting from a prize mortal retainer-the details are irrelevant. What does matter is that he has the power to maneuver you into dangerous situations "for the good of the Camarilla," and has no compunctions about doing so.
~Taint of Corruption~
This is a flaw causing plants to wither when you approach, and will die if you touch them. It is rumored that Caine himself possesses this Flaw.
Gender (Visually):Female
Race (Visually): Elf