Valena Linvail

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Valena is a relative newcomer to the isles! She was in fact, formerly Valen, a man: citizen of Amn and a recruit in the Athkatlan army.  Youthful hopes of someday becoming a knight's squire - and from there perhaps a paladin - were sadly never to be, thanks to his misfortune in having a frail, effeminate physique.

Valen did not particularly enjoy his time in the Amnian army. Being the smallest and least manly, he was the butt of much abuse and cruel humor. Extremely kindhearted at his core, such treatment naturally made him a rather shy and meek person. Thus, one of his first acts after being discharged from the army was to seek a new, more accepting home. As many have done, he booked passage to the oft-whispered-of Isles of Sin, seeking a land in which anyone can be accepted.

Alas, Valen's run of bad luck had not quite run its course. He had heard about powerful magics that were available nowhere else, among them transformative magics that could alter his form and give him a bit more masculinity. He chose poorly; the magus he chanced to hire was in fact a half demon with a cruel streak and a love of chaos. Thus Valen found himself twisted into an even more feminized appearance than ever before... so much so that he could not really look at himself as a man anymore, but rather as one the many 'hybrids' trapped between genders, which are so oddly prevalent here. He - She - is still trying to adjust to it, but has reluctantly adjusted her name and its pronunciation (from VA-len, to Va-LAY-na) besides adopting the feminine pronoun to better fit her new outlook. Needless to say, the surprise alteration has done little to allay Valena's shy nature.

Perhaps a pause to look at this new physique would be in order! Physically, she is in her early to mid twenties, a deep brunette with penetrating emerald eyes. Her smile is frequent if shy, generous lips decorating a cute and very feminine face. Her new figure is slim and rather short, but with notable curves - slim shoulders and wide hips, a bubbly, prominent backside and a small, yet high and youthfully taut bust. Equally youthful is her voice, now high and girlish. Her skin is smooth, hairless, sensitive and rather delicate, making her look yet more feminine. More intimately still, she retains not only her former 'manhood' - although a petite one especially by local standards - but also a brand new, tautly lipped, snug line of a womanly slit beneath it. Despite having to adjust to a new shape, her movements are graceful, no doubt in part to Valena's background of diligent military training and exercise, and indeed she still trains regularly to stay in good physical shape. She does not neglect maintaining a proper appearance, being quite meticulous about grooming and proper dress. She feels awkward in girly clothing still, but appears to have determined that they fit her new body more appropriately, and to make the best of it.

Valena has since discovered that the alterations done to her are likely irreversible, but this has not been allowed to crush her spirit. She is often to be found exploring around the city or spectating the arena combatants with a carefully appraising eye. She plans to sell herself out as a mercenary or body guard, rather than go back to the old, regimented army life. She is as friendly with everyone as her demure manner permits, is unfailingly polite, and will unhesitatingly assist those with a reasonable need.
Player:Inc'est La Vie
Gender (Visually):Female
Race (Visually): Human