Sammy Vakoran

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Samith is a former recruit in the Amnian army, who hopes someday to become a knight's squire and has dreams of becoming a paladin. Trying to emulate the knights he so admires, he is well-spoken and always polite, striving hard to remain calm and decorous. He occasionally fails at that but has an extremely kind heart, and will unhesitatingly assist those with a reasonable need.

That he chose Sinifer to strike out from home would likely not surprise many. In manner, appearance and dress he is very feminine, an impression heightened by his naturally angrogynous physique. It appears he has embraced his 'sissy' side once safely away from his intensely traditional homeland.

Physically, Sam is twenty years of age, a deep brunette with penetrating emerald eyes. His smile is frequent and kind, accentuated by generous and shapely lips. His figure is slim and rather short, with decently rounded hips to carry the androgyny yet further. His legs are thick and shapely, moving with a grace that belies their owner's military background. Sam still exercises and trains regularly to stay in good physical shape, but avoids a regimen that might make him appear too muscular or masculine looking. He's also meticulous about his hygeine - hair styled, nails manicured, pleasantly scented, he seldom has a hair out of place. Regular use of depilatories and skin-softening creams ensure that his skin is always incredibly supple and hairless. To judge by the subtle swell of added softness on his chest, he apparently uses a growth cream in an attempt to give himself a slight bustline.

Samith did not particularly enjoy his time in the Amnian army. Being the smallest and least manly, he was the butt of much abuse and cruel humor. One of his first acts after being discharged from the army was to book passage to the isles of Sin, and as he is fitting in so much better here, he has no great interest in returning home. He still preens himself to have a very feminine appearance, and will occasionally wear dresses for fun. However, he is too considerate to lie to anyone who might otherwise be fooled - as he would jokingly remark, if he is a trap he is at least a disarmed one.

Sam is often found wandering around the city or spectating the arena combats with a carefully appraising eye. He will also sometimes sell himself out as a mercenary or body guard, preferring the unencumbered life of self-employed sellsword to the more regimented army life. He is friendly with everyone, although his eyes tend to linger longest on those graced with more feminine charms.
Player:Inc'est La Vie
Gender (Visually):Female
Race (Visually): Human