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Lazily malingering before you is a brazen embodiment of feminine debauchery, self indulgence and sin. Pale and longhaired, with bouncing bust and stunning legs, draped in revealing attire, she appears almost as though she had been deliberately sculpted to spawn thoughts of lustful excess.

That is very nearly the case! A reckless venture involving an untested concoction of recreational elixirs effected a permanent alteration, forever transforming the shy young tourist to her present curvaceous form. Calling herself Sharleen, she did her best to adjust to a new body and life in a new land.

In spite of being a somewhat shy person at times, Sharleen's body was an object straight out of bimbo fantasies. She was slim, with rich hair cascading down to narrow shoulders, a cartoonishly tiny waist, and long thick-thighed legs. Her face was youthful and doll-like, with extremely large green eyes and button nose. But undoubtedly the most prominent features were her incredibly lewd, thick lips. Ruby red, their plump, inflated shape forced them to purse softly out in a permanent, cupid's bow pout. Though her lips made Sharleen look even more like some sort of perverted sex-doll, they also looked wondrously inviting, a delight to kiss or to feel pressed against one's skin.

In stark contrast to Sharleen's pinched waist, her breasts and hips were lushy endowed. Each volleyball-sized orb stood unnaturally high and perky on her chest, with tense tips struggling against the fabric of her clothes. The roundness and prominence of her bust tended to visually dominate any outfit she wore, and their unsupported weight means they bounce, squish and shadow one another almost constantly during conversation. Her deep cleavage was prominent enough that even when she tried wearing expensive dresses or suits she looked much more 'slut' than 'lady'. Her hips were no less obvious, so wide that they would naturally sway and roll with every step. The plush, hemispherical globes of her jutting, bubbly backside made it a challenge to walk without looking like a strutting whore, and her habit of wearing extremely high fuck-me heels did little to ameliorate the situation.

It was between her plump thighs that Sharleen's most dramatic alteration lay, however. Packing her pants or tenting her skirts in a manner that was utterly impossible to miss, was Sharleen's fifteen-inch, blunt-ended horse cock. Of truly imposing dimensions, it was also terribly sensitive and prone to being awoken during the most inopportune moments, often getting Sharleen into tricky or embarrassing situations. The improperly-made elixir which spawned that beastly cock also ensured that it would be hellishly demanding and that its needs would consume a large portion of Sharleen's daily routine. Regular sessions of self-attention were needed to keep the apple-sized balls in check, lest they become severely sore and tender. Due to the narrow gap betwixt Sharleen's thick, feminine legs, there was simply no room for those plump balls. Every step she took was a tease as they were forced to squish and roll past and around one another. When she sat down and crossed her legs it was even worse and she often squirmed restlessly from the discomfort of sitting atop her own balls like pillows.

Being so libidinous and so constantly teased would sometimes compel Sharleen to politely excuse herself during social occasions, to sneak away for a quick fap! At times her hand just wasn't enough, but thanks to her equine endowment she soon discovered she could orally pleasure herself for some fast relief! It was a guilty pleasure and Sharleen tried to stop doing it, but she still couldn't resist the temptation sometimes. She craved that lovely, sated feeling she always got after a thorough self-sucking, and the way her aching, taut balls would finally give way - if only temporarily - to a deliciously plush, kneadable, marshmallow-softness.

But there was more! Tucked behind the stallion-like endowment was a brand new plaything, a plump, narrowly-slitted mound with a velvety, lush warm tunnel just waiting for someone to claim. Its needs only compounded Sharleen's smouldering libido, and might be partly to blame for Sharleen's flirtatiousness not only towards women, but recently males as well.

As she grew accustomed to her bimbofied new body, Sharleen took to dressing in more daring outfits and gear. Some of it was scanty, some of it surprisingly elegant, but all of it had an element of wantonness to it and tended to leave little to the imagination, with low necklines and obnoxiously loud, clacking heels. Sharleen grew to love the attention she suddenly received and this fed her ever-growing fascination with exhibitionism. She gradually began to speak of the possibility of taking a career in dancing, striptease, or some other erotic venue.


Thus is Sharleen as far as outward aspects are concerned. For those willing to look past the blatant outer facade of the bimbo sex object, a friendly and surprisingly warm person was waiting to be met! Sharleen may be a slut, but she isn't a dumb one. In fact quite an intelligent lass, she enjoys a good conversation or debate, even a quiet book or game of chess. She does have a romantic side and, despite what many would usually expect of a horsedicked herm, Sharleen tends to be gentle and patient with her partners. If anything she leans toward submissiveness and will go to great lengths, including self-denial, to see that her lovers are satisfied.

Such an inner softness contrasts with the extreme sluttiness Sharleen tends to project. In truth she is a kind hearted and generous soul who is more than willing to assist others with encouragement, sympathy or charity. She is still quite mindful of why she first came to the Isles, and always respects others. She is non-judgemental and accepting toward everyone, no matter how different.


(Extra Notes!)
-First thanks for reading through all this! I hope you enjoyed it as much as I enjoyed writing it!
-Just because this character is sexualized, that doesn't mean every single encounter with her has to be ERP! I really like chatting, hanging out, character development and general fun. Even if you're not interested in ERP at all, I'm delighted to meet and play with you.
-Huge thanks to Lora, who played a major role in creating this character!
-Please be respectful. I would prefer not to be involved with toilet play, heavy gore, underage characters, impregnation, PVP, slavery without consent, out-of-server interaction or player drama.
Player:Inc'est La Vie
Gender (Visually):Female
Race (Visually): Half-Elf