Alyza Vaughn

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Race: A Human Twin
Name: Lady Alyza Marin Vaughn
Known as: "Aly"
Identity: Female
Expression: Female
Orientation: Pansexual
Age: Twenty-something
Height: 5'1"
Weight: 120 lbs
Build: Lithe
Skin Color: Ivory
Eye Color: Blue
Deity: [RP]
Languages: Common.

Greens: Exploration, Long term RP, Smut.
Reds: Amputation, Vomit, Vore, Scat.


[Work in Progress]

Wisps of a dyed raven mane frame the flawless countenance of this blue eyed doll. Unruly locks that will tendril when wet, take a decent curl when urged to, and straighten with some effort.

Full lips ever set in a pout, facilitate a cigarette, or a moue; and easily transform into a smile should the mood arise.

A pair of pale blue eyes hide behind a set of heavy lashes, in a half-lidded gaze that intently beholds the world around. Often keen to narrow in on the little details that matter, the idle gaze is never just.

A long narrow neck leads to a narrow trunk topped with soft rounded shoulders. Long, defined arms relay an aptitude for power, and a skill-set where swiftness or precision were desired. A pair of dainty hands retained all ten long, thin, deft fingers which could exact those most delicate of tasks.

A thin waist, flared out to a set of narrow hips and a pleasantly shaped buttock which had more bounce than jiggle; but were usually contained in a tight pair of trousers, or beneath a long skirt.

The height of thighs, set subtly apart were toned, though shapely which were true all the down to a slim pair of ankles. Two medium shaped feet with high arches were showcased in a variety of heeled shoes, boots, or sandals.

The height of this young lady were not impressive, however her skills with a weapon were; but what she lacked in social prowess and presence shined in her sense of entitlement, robust confidence, and an appetite for sin.
Player:I Kept The Roses
Gender (Visually):Female
Race (Visually): Human