Kethras Kelpeiros

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Race: Elf. Sun, Wood, Albino.
Gender: Gal
Age: 283
Alignment: Good
Abilities: Bladesong (Darksong Style)

She walks with a confident gait, her very nature reflecting a sense of superiority commonly found in her kind. Despite her body language, Kethras' tone is more than friendly, if a bit socially awkward. Her expressive eyes easily betray emotions of either delight or disdain, and rarely is she seen without her blade, which bears many runes in reverence to the Seldarine.

She herself wears symbolism to Tethrin Veralde, Fenmarel Mestarine and, perhaps surprisingly, Eilistraee. Her beauty is worth noting, it was as though the wanderer has never once seen bloodshed, though one who bears the obvious hallmarks of a Bladesinger should rightly be seen as a champion of war as well as a leader of the People.

Master Kelpeiros is the only surviving member of the Darksong Bladesingers, niece of her deceased former master and now disgraced in the eyes of the public. Despite it all, she wears her religious symbols with pride, and in true Elven fashion she will not be told how to live and who to train. The style favors outcasts, Dark Elves, and those of mixed Elven heritage.

No tells. No non-con, mind control, etc..
Player:Planet Protector
Gender (Visually):Female
Race (Visually): Human