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At a quick glance :
Stands under your eyes a friendly looking young Drow lass whom's curious red eyes gaze left and right with the attention span of a butterfly. She's most certainly dressed in expensive designer clothes, with gorgeous shoes, a neat handbag and nice jewelry.
Her gait is decided and confident and, as her gaze crosses yours, she offers a cheerful and friendly nod. Oh ! be careful, she has a pretty dagger at her belt !
Although, depending on who's around, her behavior might be somewhat more reserved and formal.

Her voice, if you hear it, sounds a little bit raspy and broken, like someone who smoked too much yesterday and decided to take a day off the cig. Her usual scent is of expensive perfumes. Most of the time, she'll be wearing a thin, see-through, veil of red spidersilk, which, while it does partially conceal her features, is transparent enough for you to see her smile. In any case, her eyes are so cute that you'd have guessed she's smiling even if the veil was a more solid color.

For more perceptive people :
In the eyes of someone who knows Drow culture, in her jewelry are the symbols of a Yathrin, but she'd be suspiciously friendly for a Priestress of Lolth. Also, she's often wearing a lot of gold jewelry, an unusual detail for a Lolthian.
If met on the surface, she often carries an umbrella to hide from the sun, but she has no Piwafi. She speaks Common, Draconic, Abyssal and Elven, along with, of course Ilythiiri, Undercommon and dabbles in dozens of other languages. The whole with some non-Sinfarian accent.

In details :
Riknueth'dalhar tends to try hiding her name and usually gets called by the nickname "Rikky", or the monicker "Waelin".
She has vibrant red eyes and dark ashen black skin, which would mark her as a Tsak'uss, but from the shape of her face and her would-be impeccable manners one could easily peg her as a Drowolath, an Ilythiiri of pure lineage.
She wears stylish gothic makeup, especially to try and hide the dark circles that permanently mark her eyes, but she could also be trying to hide a black eye or bruise resulting from a fight. She is rather skilful at it.
Her dainty little upturned nose sports a ring in her right nostril, most often linked to her earring by a thin Adamantine chain. Her plump lower lip has a scar in the middle, like it was cut, bruised or had a piercing yanked from it.
Thin snow white hair soft like spidersilk cascade over her shoulders and on her back, pierced by elegant long pointy ears adorned with several more hoops and rings.

If you get to see her throat, either through her scarf or without it, her skin there is badly scarred, like she had her throat torn in a wound that quite probably severed a lot of things behind. On top of the large ugly scar, two other slices can be distinguished. She sure must have become quite proficient at avoiding getting her throat cut from behind with all this training.
Her frame is thin and very lean, making it easy for her to pass for pretty inoffensive, especially when she controls so well her body language that she manages to be read easily, even unconsciously by people observing her. Still, she hides dry muscles and very strong sinews underneath the innocence.
Her poise and stance are pretty much always perfect. The discreet balance off this Drow uncanny ability to be always expect the worst, ready to spring, block or dodge at any time. It takes a lot to put her in a situation where her relaxed attitude will be genuine and not just perfectly faked.
Overall, her skin is baby soft with the exception of her backhand knuckles, which, if observed without any form of gloves, coverage or make-up will probably betray that she is, in fact, a martial artist, having been broken, scarred and healed over and over... and still, her soft and thin fingers still manage to pass for that of a blushing youngling, having been drenched in so much blood.
Her torso bears several more scars. One slash from her right hip having been gutted up toward her left breast, a nasty looking one that would look like she was impaled through her ribs, front and back. One more at her left foot, quite probably having had her foot pinned to the ground by a spear. Lastly, at her wrists and ankles can still be observed the scarring left from wearing some sadistic metallic shackles, as if her skin got cut and torn over and over for several years.
Last but not least, there is a tramp stamp design on her lower back, only, it wasn't tattoed. It is made of enchanted Adamantine forged and melted into her skin in an excruciating process.

Some OOC additions :
Call it metagaming or godmodding or whatever you wants, if you're going to ignore this, just warn me and lets just either ignore each other politely, or keep roleplay at a minimal, nothing too involved.

Rinueth'dalhar practices a very ancient Drow traditional Martial art, named "Khel'duucal". It would take her being in a rather tense situation to show the extent of her art to a point that it might be recognized by a Drow Weapon Master or someone with enough knowledge of Drow culture. It is a "shameful art" as it was developped during the time of the Decent, under the rule of the Ilithids, when Drow were enslaved by the mind flayers, and its practice has been banned in many Drow cities because it brought "bad memories of a bad time", to the point it is mostly forgotten. See it as a formidable mix of Muay Thai and Aikido, reflecting both Drow's natural aggressivity and combat-craftiness and savvy.
Rikky is also an accomplished wrestler, who compensate in sheer technic what she lacks in muscle and weight in order to be able to get herself out from the grasp of larger and heavier opponents.
She's a pretty good escape artist, and with enough time left alone will get out of pretty much any rope, lock or trap.
Alignment detection on her would find her as slightly evil but a redeemable evil... or a good that can do bad...
The Adamantine Ilithid Artefact grafted into her flesh is a work of art, but it is also making her immune to mental psionic powers, and magical too... So, she's basicly immune to charms, dominations and other forms of mind control. To those who uses these senses, it's like she does not exist, or might appear faintly, like an animal lifeform. It also protects her from direct Scrying and divinations.
(WIP to be adjusted ! come back later !)

As for lights and stuff :

Greenlights mostly revolve around Bondage and Non-consensual IC stuff. Mmmh... Creativity and overall anything fun. Oh, Coherence too, are greatly appreciated.
I Love some particular form of "Realism" or "Logic" in our fantasy world, altho if you present things in a fun and coherent way, I might just go along.
A warning tho, She's rather fiesty and ressourceful, and -will- at least resist. PvP might be requested in case of confrontations.

Reds are kinda hard to define for me as I might pretty much go along with anything if it's well brought in and the mood is there, nonetheless if it's too brutal to be fun for me, Gore for the sake of it, Pain for sheer sadistic torture, I might ask to shorten things up or simply stop. Oh, mmh, Mind Control too, is something I'm usually really not fond of. Otherwise, apply server rules.

''Bend it, don't break it, be responsible.''
Gender (Visually):Female
Race (Visually): Elf