Dark Desire

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Before you stands a short little tiefling gal with prominant fiendish features. Dark is a friendly sort, who enjoys talking and getting to know people. Eyes and hair of purple, with matching feathers upon her large wings.

Not particularly tall, the fiendish gal prefers to stay away from the frontlines, offering assistance with song and arrows when in a fight, though her Outsider blood does make her particularly resistant to most damage.

Each finger ends in sharp, dangerous claws stylishly painted purple. Ears are sharply pointed, extending from the curtain of her hair. Two noticable, large horns sit atop her head, and a wicked spaded tail lashes about behind her. Hooved feet at the end of digitigrade legs keep her sturdy when in the face of danger.

Her form is athletic and toned, with a modest bust size for her height. Just slightly bigger than a handful. As for between her thighs, yes this woman does sport a fiendish, dark member and a set of fertile testicules, but her form of dress keeps this mostly hidden and not easily discernable. However, if one were to catch her in panties or a swimming suit, it'd be much more noticable.

Reds: The usual. Drama, Vore, Gore, Scat, Vomit, Death and Underage. There's likely a few others. I'll tell you if it ever comes up.

Greens: Too many to list. Character is a dominant creature, and favors light bondage, light pain play, being a mistress, pet play, collars, leashes, paddles, discipline, pleasure denial, orgasm denial... I said there was too many to list, right? But hopefully this gives you a good base to start with.

Whites: Storyline and roleplay. Character development. Goals, dreams, ambitions. Fucking is fun, sure. But giving some meaning behind it is muy bien.

Please feel free to walk up and start RP with my character. She's friendly, outgoing and loves to make new friends! Happy hunting out there!
Gender (Visually):Female
Race (Visually): Human