Mintie Sweete

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Name: Mintie Sweete
Gender Type: Female
Height: 3'4"
Race: ???
Occupation: Wanderer
Eye Color: Dandilion Yellow!
Weight: Heavy for her height!
Character Information:

The flesh of this creature looks like very light bubblegum and looks just as pliable even from a distance yet it moves with grace learned only through years of contact with the most ostentatious of creatures. Despite her stature she commands attention with a dignified posture and soft, kind eyes that bubble with mirth. Those deep pools are wet and soulful like a summer sunset reflected on a gladed pond.

Her appearance is quite girlish with natural auburn hair that gives her the appearance of your every day domesticated hin. Something mischievous lurks just beneath the surface yet it's hard to tell why. Two pig tails are perfectly tamed into beautiful curves that seem to sway even when there is no wind.

Should she ever speak it is with a refined edge that lands somewhere between educated and excited. Despite cute features like a button nose and pouted lips there is still a slight bit of sophistication to the little fey that is a tad unlike her kind. Standing too close to her reveals something odd that gives her away.

An aura of void permeates from her. A bubble of calm that ensnares sounds and sights to a crawl and makes it easier to focus. An easy, perhaps unnerving calm that could settle the most anxious of hearts. (Calm emotion aura)

If one were looking with intent they could see the creature sports a rounded body shaped to an hour glass figure. She is in no way athletic and this without a hint of muscle to the dainty girl.

Close enough to catch whiff of her scent a distinguishing aroma of coriander and lime hangs around her in a haze. The odd combination smells sweet and refreshing like... cola? Her laughter is a tittering chirp like a happy song bird that can be infectious or annoying depending on the ear. This woman radiates nothing but good vibes and like her name implies is a sultry, bite sized snack.

Scat, animal genitalia, bestiality, faplogging, lazy writers

roleplay but I have no reds other than what's listed

teasing, storyline, romance, deep conversations, PVP, anal, oral, creampies, rough, large cocks, throat fucking, ball worship, cock worship, being a sub, cum, gumjobs, throating, sloppiness, cuddling.
Gender (Visually):Female
Race (Visually): Halfling