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Race: Devil
Heritage: Erinyes
Height: 5'6"
Build: Average, human-like
Hair: Dark, wavy, graceful
Eyes: Gold
Aligned: Lawful Evil

Commissioned art!

She appears to be a confident, polite charmer who makes no effort to hide her true nature, which is decidedly that of an Erinyes. This woman's way with words is pleasant, the occasional bad habit showing in the form of a joint or heavy liquor held in hand. Zariel shows as overwhelmingly lawful, leaning evil. It is not a fact that she bothers to conceal.

There is an odd duality to this woman that sets her apart from the typical image of a bloodthirsty or abusive Baatezu. Zariel's general appearance is near to angelic, from her pleasant voice and brilliant flawless yet dark wings, to the golden solar-like glow in her eyes. It is as though this woman was born of an essence foreign to her home plane of Baator, though her seemingly genuine interest in the wellbeing of others could be a mere trick. She is an Erinyes after all. Most of her is, anyway!

The pretty devil wears a heart-shaped necklace that clearly reads: "If lost, return to Alaria D'nirn", the very style and phrasing reminiscent of a pet's collar. Overall, Zariel's nature is pleasant and easygoing, and she appears to enjoy the few freedoms given to her by her current bosses.

Red: Rape, slavery, mind control, permanent death, corruption. Victim characters. She may be evil but I'm really not interested in graphic abuse. I prefer to play with barbies and have a wholesome positive time because I'm a dumb girl who never grew up.

Also play Eva D'nirn. Tells welcome, erotic play tends to take a backseat to everything else. Good aligned people (those who aren't bait for awful play) are also encouraged to interact with her!
Player:Scarborough Fair
Gender (Visually):Female
Race (Visually): Human