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*BEWARE!  That's no ordinary Rabbit!*

The is a highly skilled and vicious personal bodyguard and protector of Morrigna Veralis. Those intruding upon personal space or taking liberties without consent will be eviscerated, no exceptions!

This unpredictable "bunny" may look cute and cuddly on the outside, but inside, it is a monstrous killing machine.  In spite of its bloodthirstiness and brutality, the rabbit appears to be cunning at least by animal standards.  When killing knights, it often targets the vital parts of it's victim's body to make easy work of them.

The rabbit is surprisingly swift, violent, agile, deadly aggressive, bloodthirsty, and carnivorous in close quarters.  Having large, murderous beady eyes, you KNOW what all those carrots were for!  When attacking multiple foes, it quickly jumps to another target soon after swiftly attacking the first and giving those who fight it no chance to stop it.  The only way to kill it is through distance...and benevolent projectiles.

There is a tiny golden collar buried under the fluffy, downy fur.  Made of white gold, it has an intricate design of a dragon holding a shield, the shield holds the two letters, M.V. in impressive calligraphy.


If she is spied in her 'human' form, she is petite and well rounded, showing off curves of a well padded body.  A fluffy tail may be spied on her backside, just above the start of the ravine between her cheeks. Her diminutive waist is followed before and after by the ample curves of a woman.

The woman's oval face is soft and delicately formed, her nose nose is dainty, and her lips, while often pouty and full.  The most striking feature are her eyes, wide and expressive, shades of pink rarely seen in nature.  What may be overlooked, for the space of time it takes an eye to blink, is the two very white, very keen looking fangs that protrude on either corner of the woman's lush pink lips.

She carries a soft fragrance of wildflowers and mountain heather.

Gender (Visually):Female
Race (Visually): Uknown