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Tall, blonde, and buxom. This young woman looks like the saying "blonde bombshell" was made just for her.

Thick, ruby painted lips part to display near perfect pearly white teeth behind them. A soft, diamond shaped face free of wrinkles, shows she's barely past her teens; if she's even hit twenty yet. A slightly upturned button nose separates large eyes, the color of which are closer to purple than blue.

Where her features may be deceptively innocent in appearance, her body is anything but; bountiful breasts strain at what ever top she wears, often displaying a great deal of cleavage. A near waspish waist flares out to wide, round hips and tight, heart-shaped rear-end. Her long, shapely legs are, more often than not, displayed in short skirts and stockings, or tight, form fitting pants.

She obviously takes pride in her appearance with the way she flaunts her skin daringly.

However, just because she looks like a bimbo, doesn't mean she is one. She'll flirt and tease, but she won't necessarily consent to sharing a bed with a man she barely knows. Being a cock-tease might get her into trouble though.

Women clearly don't interest her, though sometimes a shadow of envy and jealously may cross her features, if she sees one she thinks more beautiful than herself.

OOC Stuff

No breaking of server rules, vomit or scat for sexual gratification, don't like multiple partners at once, and no gender alterations to this character. No begging, guilt-tripping, or being pushy for RP of any kind, please! Monogamy isn't going to happen with her.

Love: Dominants, dubious consent, to out right rape. Capture and light bondage that may go with it. Flirting, teasing, seduction, one-night stands, on-going story-lines. Open to all sorts of RP, but if something might be over the top, clear with me first! When an RP is established, Player is tell friendly, just don't get personal!
Gender (Visually):Female
Race (Visually): Human