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A young human girl whose appearance suggests a mixed heritage: the canted eyes and shiny dark hair of a Lotus Isles native, with the soft pale skin and bright green irises of a westerner.  She speaks with a high, wispy, breathy little voice, almost a half-whisper, and her charmingly delicate features are marked by a pert little button nose, perfectly arched eyebrows, and a small mouth that rests in a natural cutesy pout, though a cheery smile is rarely far from her lips.  Her frame is very small and slender and seemingly quite fragile: narrow waist, flat tummy, pretty feet, nimble hands always with an exquisitely perfect manicure.  This being Sinifer however, the first feature to catch wandering eyes are of course usually her amazing breasts, beautiful big warm bouncy bubbles, standing naturally full and proud and high on her chest, the perfect synthesis of delicate softness, perky firmness, and sheer majestic size, tipped with tiny adorable blushing pink nipples that often poke visibly from within the flimsy silk of any dress or kimono she's wearing.

Green lights: RP and all of its variations, permutations, and consequences

Red lights: the usual - gore, vore, animals, torture, mutilation, bathroom stuff, children, OOC setups for ERP.
Player:Kitten Caboodle
Gender (Visually):Female
Race (Visually): Elf