Kircie Valshae

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A young moon elf, small and slender and fragile, with shiny silver hair and moon-pale skin. Her huge bright amethyst eyes are her only startling departure from being almost monochrome in appearance, like the ethereal ghost of an elf rather than an actual living girl. Despite her paleness, her skin is warm and soft and smooth, and her feminine curves are atypically generous for an elf. She speaks with a wispy, breathy little voice, almost a half-whisper, and usually with a hesitant timidity that suggests she's quite unused to being surrounded by strangers at all, to say nothing of Sinifer City's bizarre rainbow of obscure races, and she's a little intimidated by it.

(Her name is pronounced KEER-see.)

Green lights: RP and all of its variations, permutations, and consequences

Red lights: the usual - gore, vore, animals, torture, mutilation, bathroom stuff, children. Also OOC setups just aren't my thing.
Player:Too Cold To Snow
Gender (Visually):Female
Race (Visually): Elf