Velkan Nadaszy

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1- Description.
2- Notes.
3- Likes/Dislikes.

|| Description: ||

Velkan is a well-built man with a strong physique. A broad chest, strong arms, and firm hands. His muscles are sleek and defined, and one would be able to imagine just how hard they would feel to the touch. Several scars adorn his body a few running the length of his limbs, the two most noticeable ones adorn his face.

His features are masculine, strong rather than comely, and his skin is of the lightest hue possible of a tanned brown. The shade of a beard is present in him. There is an intensity to his stare that barely veils the violence of his intentions in his amber, merciless gaze. He is not kind nor does he hold any pretense of being so, either.

He favors tight clothes for ease of movement. It's easy to read his physique through it, and further down blow from that chiseled abdomen that easily contrasts against his clothes one would be able to find a telling bulge in between his legs, where those two diagonal lines just barely top of his hips end.

His 'true' form is that of a Tanar'ri, but the hunger in his eyes hint at something far more feral. Fangs that grow large, and a beastly shape occasionally revealed. Either one that stands on two legs, or four.

A werewolf.

|| Notes: ||

The kind of roleplay I do is detailed, intense, explicit, dirty and rough. I'm not looking for lovey-dovey things, but to 'break' a character and enjoy that kind of narrative shamelessly and pleasurably exploiting them.

I am in Sinfar to write erotic scenes, and find other writers with similar tastes.

I enjoy dark storylines that involve roleplay and development intertwined with erotic elements in it, focused on the latter.

I prefer sessions that happen within a given continuity for the characters, as it allows me to introduce other elements and turn things up a notch as they interact again and situations develop further. It does not have to be the 'main' storyline of a character.

I am used to writing lengthy emotes at a relatively fast pace, and I do not mind in the slightest writing with players who write less, or slower. I am enjoying myself. If I'm not at any point, I will tell you.

If you preferred that I wrote smaller emotes, don't be afraid to communicate it. I usually adjust to my partner's preferences for a given scene.

I enjoy long scenes.

Characters and players are separate things.

||| Things I am interested in lately: |||

Voyeurism: If your character has an interest in voyeurism, watching others, feel free to contact me. I would enjoy having a scene with one present.

Cuckoldry: If your character enjoys being cheated on by their partner, whether a cuckean or a cuckold, I would be interested in setting something up.

||| Likes/Dislikes: |||

"Whites" Things I favor in RP when it comes to others: Bratty females. Submissive females. An enjoyment of dirty language. Expressiveness. Reaction. Expressions of pleasure.

"Greens" Things I enjoy doing RPing: Domination. Turning females into playthings. Humiliation, making use of the context. Physical roughness, but not excessive or in extreme. Several rounds in sex. Pregnancy risk (Implied, or confirmed). Breeding. Anal. Slavery. Slave-training. 'Bad endings' (Corruption). Branding. Narratively public scenes. (Describing a scene taking place in a more public manner than it mechanically is, keeping interruptions away.)

I enjoy writing intense, detailed scenes. But not in every scene will it make sense to include -all- of those things.

"Yellows" Things that I don't usually do, but might allow for in the right context:

'Softer' things. I'm not looking for lovey-dovey RP, nor do I enjoy it generally. But if it happens, it will likely be during a given continuity.

"Reds" Things I don't enjoy in scenes: Males. Gore. Scat. Constant non-descriptive emotes. Scenes without a shred of pleasure in them.

Tell friendly.

Writers do reach out to me often, and I do arrange for my character to run into theirs. Don't be afraid to.

Going forward however, I prefer all things to happen organically IC.
Gender (Visually):Male
Race (Visually): Human