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His strange origin inflicting two personalities upon him. His elf form and a beholder form. the beholder side rearing it's ugly self when he's exposed to stresses or large amounts of magic(since arriving in Sinfar it has become the domination half due to all the tasty magics and magical beings around). the elf is more calm and collected almost zen like.  

(Update: his elven side and beholder sides are slowly becoming mixed more and more. His alien beholder mind fusing with the elf mind as he is exposed to more humanoids. he less xenophobic yet still cold a calculating finding himself with a swing of urges to disinterest. yet still lacking morals most willing to make deals and bargains)      

Elf form:
Race: Short elf in transition to something.
Age: 140
Gender: Male
Class: Sorcerer: Beholder bloodline  

Will always refer to himself as ugly yet  incomplete, though he's quite cute and makes an impression(charisma 29)

His blood being fused with that of a beholder he is subject to random eyes and eye stalks appearing on him. Being low level he hasn't quite got the hang of it yet so his blood runs wild with his body.  

His beholder blood makes him instinctively attracted to magical items and people.

He carries a spell rifle on him, focusing on ranged combat.  

Became part of a beholder bloodline by having a horrific experiment done on him by a transmutation circle that was run by high ranking members of the red wizard's of thay.

Beholder form:

Size details:
circumference of his round body is roughly 5 feet(average changes). the center eye is about the size of a dinner plate.
Eye stalks: (10) each seems to change in size as needed ranging from a nub on his head with an eye to a three foot long stalk. 360 vision cannot be flanked
He has 6 tentacles that hang from his lower jaws like a weird beard they also very in size up to three feet long and he uses them to manipulate the world around him.
his mouth taking up the whole bottom half of his spheroid body, almost always drooling. his jaws filled with large needle like teeth, and a rather large slimy tongue. he can open his mouth rather wide and even speak.
He has true seeing like most his kin
appears to be a flesh toned beholder, his skin seems to be soft and almost cephalopod like with a sheen coating of moisture.  

Eye Rays:
All range is 150ft
DC is base +Charisma mod.(do to his level i know these should be higher but for RP i want to keep them fair)
Will save rays:
  Charm: DC18+10=28
  Dominate: DC15+10=25
  Fear: DC19+10=29
  Telekinesis(can lift object and people up to 325lbs):DC24+10=34
Fort save rays:
  Disintegrate: DC20+10=30
  Flesh2stone: DC18+10=28
  Death Ray: DC22+10=32
Anitmagic Cone:
Beholder's central eye can continually produce a 150ft cone of antimagic it suppresses higher magics and magical abilities low level are dispelled.

Big slimy tongue
ranged damage for hunts and adventures.
Buff spells
Funny conversations

Using him as a tentacle sex toy for yourself or on others. oral(giving), tentacles, violating innocent women. using domination spells and mind games.  

Gender (Visually):Male
Race (Visually): Uknown