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It liked to call itself Colby. It thought of itself as male. It liked to learn everything it could of sentient beings, and it loved to hear their stories of regret especially.

...but it wasn't a man.

Physical descriptions:

As a man-looking thing, Colby was rather handsome with long hair, and a penchant for dark, western styles of dress. He was polite, and seemed quite considerate. Despite his dreadfully depressing outlook, he was always happy to lend an ear to anyone. His features were... a bit on the smooth side though, and a bit too free of blemishes. Probably magical treatments, he was a bit of a dandy afterall.

His true form:

Gigantic, and inhuman, with writing shadow tendrils thrashing about his head and body, two glowing eyes staring from the personification of the abyss. He radiated menace, and a sinister kind of humor as he stared with the sort've interest no one wanted.

So what is he?

((OOC info mainly.))

Colby is a literal regret demon. He feeds on emotions of guilt/humiliation/sorrow and really suffering in general. Worse, he can usually tell when someone's done something they wish they hadn't, and he can fan the flames of grief from "I feel rather bad about that" to something that would end in someone needing to be institutionalized. If he can get someone to do even -worse- things, by any means, he will.

That being said, the entity here is a bit of an odd ball as far as fairy tail monsters go, in that while your traditional villain tends to target 'fair young maidens of virtue' as a general rule, Colby is more likely to be why prince charming needed rescuing.

Generally speaking, if someone isn't specifically vulnerable, the monster isn't going to take an interest in them. While I do look for (and read bios) of such, if you want the attention, the entity that likes to call itself Colby can sense such things.. .utilizing it's amazing evil senses. (Which unfortunately means if I get a tell...)

Powers-wise, he's got a mechanical build sure, but as a monster, he's got many more. My general rule is, the more afraid a character is, the more power he has, and the more ridiculous he gets. The less afraid of him you are, the less power he can exert, until he really can't do anything but make angry faces. (It's almost like it's powers were created like this intentionally as a consent to god-modding system or something.... in the name of atmosphere!)

(Bio WIP.)

Red lights: Scat n such.

Yellows: Ehem.

Greens: This guy is a monster. Expect him to be monstrous.

Note: Am tell friendly. ...which might be obvious given my earlier statements in hindsight.
Gender (Visually):Male
Race (Visually): Human