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A man rarely seen outside of armor, he tends to keep a mostly stoic demeanor, though occasionally he shows a dry wit in some of his comments which run the gambit from friendly to snarky. Despite his overall cynical outlook and somewhat tired body language, his eyes still betray a clarity of purpose and hopefulness. He wears a plethora of iconography across his armor mostly honoring various gods of justice as well as a few that seem to denote a kingdom of some sort. Despite his generally peaceful demeanour and claimed preference for non-violence, the man walks around with an actual arsenal on his person at almost all times.


His weirder symbols denote him a member of the Orthan Empire, which spans multiple planets and has an outreach in Sigil in the form of Harmonium.


He is from a knightly order hailing from the prime worlds where the Orthan Empire's real strength is. While the myriad of codes of conduct of his order aren't particularly difficult to learn if you can be bothered to go looking, the motto is well known enough:

"First order, then Justice, finally Refinement."
Gender (Visually):Female
Race (Visually): Human