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Name : Shank (Shi-ya-n-ku)
Race : Mephitimorph
Gender : Male
Age : Adult
Height : 3'6
Weight : ~ 50 lbs
Eye Color : Mulberry
Fur Color : Black/White
Build : Slightly Husky
Occupation : Cobbler, Ex-Cultist, Planeswalker


What Is Seen :

   It's a skunk fellow about the size of a gnome or a hin, though a fair bit stockier than an average example of either. He bears a fairly large, plush rear that one is likely better off not approaching suddenly or secretly given the obvious implications. He's a pensive, stoic sort with large, wide-set eyes that seem to pierce through people with an aloof gaze. Shank often wears a hat of some sort and is -never- seen without footwear baring unusual or forced circumstances. Around his neck is a chain attached to an odd red rock that is nearly spherical and looks to have biological contours despite being a stone.


What Is Felt :

   Shank is a man... skunk... thing- of few words. He rarely speaks a full sentence to those he is not either intimately familiar or otherwise very comfortable with, with the exception of business. The lad has a passion for making shoes befitting any individual with a heavy emphasis on maximizing comfort and style. His passion for the craft and the surrounding process borders on... paraphilic; at times. The lad has trouble pronouncing common at times and often mispronounces or misses 'l' consonants, 'th' fricatives, any sort of vowel or word stress, and adds vowels at the end of hard consonants.


What Is Smelled :

   Contrary to one's first thought, Shank actually smells 'okay' most of the time. His scent consists of garlic, ginger, lemon balm, and other strong-smelling herbs and spices. The reason for such is obvious enough, as without the dousing of infused colognes his natural musk would probably be offensively strong.


What Is Divined :

   Shank's alignment, when detected, leans towards good with a slight leaning towards lawful, though he is still within the realm of neutrality. His aura is a calm. mostly green flame; with flecks of gold, scarlet, and reddish-brown showing up periodically.


Dirty Deeds :

Red : None to speak of.

Yellow : Permanent transformations, injury, death, things you -know- are unpopular. (Some unpopular things are definitely in my favorites, but I'd still prefer you ask via tell before going down that road.)

Green : Nearly everything else.

White/Favorite : Anal, face-sitting, smothering, hotdogging, paizuri, thigh-fucking, throat-swabbing, males, shemales/herms, females, vanilla, chubby, hirsute, size-difference, heavy musk/scent, abdominal bulges, mild inflation, transformation, excessive fluids, food-play, frotting, alternative penetration, size-queens and size-queening, all-the-way-through, tentacles, cum diets, hyper, mind control/intelligence drain, cross-dressing/girly/sissification, blackmail/manipulation, non-con, sloppiness, watersports, and probably more.
Player:Existential Modern Fart Exhibit
Gender (Visually):Female
Race (Visually): Human