Zarogok Eel-Eye

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Name: Zrogok Eel-Eye
Race: Orc and Planetar
Height: 7"1'
Weight: 260 lb
Build: Athletic and toned with lengthy, strong limbs
Sexuality: Mostly straight

The mountain of green flesh first strikes you as yet another orc to invade the isles but upon closer inspection of his bright, ocher eyes and fair complexion devoid of rough texture it becomes clear that there is something else mixed in his lineage. The deep green color is a product of planetar and orcish mixing, becoming quite green but not as mean, at least to his former tribesmen.

He stands tall as most of his kin would but just a head higher thanks to his unnatural bloodline. The sword he weilds on his black has been dubbed "serpents tongue" and is left chipped and worn, yet never seems to break no matter how many foes it brings down. The sword is partially obscured by his first trophy which is well taken care of and almost always adorns him.

He is a calm sort and quiet, but sociable enough to be approached or to approach. His manner is patient and brooding with a dash of mischief.

Sex Roleplay:
Reds: Scat/Sounding/Urine/Animal Genitalia

Green: Vaginal, pretty much anything else but please ask if it's off the wall. No judgement here!

White: Anal, oral, deep throating,throat fucking, sloppy, rough sex, cuddling, and much more that can be discovered in RP! Is mostly dom
Gender (Visually):Male
Race (Visually): Human