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His mulhorandi name is Thaelab
Pronounced \ta.h3l.ab\
mostly known as William

The Body
His musculature is well developed and carries signs of frequent physical activity. His shoulders and chest are broad,  as a sign of decent constitution. His muscles are well defined, sculpted by his life of an adventurer. His body seems to be made for dexterious and athletic activities rather than brute force. Fairly large white Fennec ears, snake tongue, small ornamented horns. This creature doesn't match anything in your almanac, or yours is very antique.

The First Glance
You will probably meet this creature in the midst of Sinifer's crowd, or set up around the arena to observe the world around him. Most often, accompanied by the most wonderful of the women of the Sinfar and beyond, always close to him and cuddly, it will not be uncommon to see him with an overly exasperated pout while his partner will have this eternal toothy grin, probably teasing him. Handsome, that's an euphemism for describing the charm that emanates from him,  despite his  discreet appearance and behaviour, he's still hard to miss in the crowd. He is not too tall, compared to the city standards, even though and objectively he is of an average size for a human. He always seems surprised whenv confronting creatures twice his size, showing a curiosity in his eye once the surprise fades. The first thing you will notice as you approach is his hair, which is as white and pure as snow, but above all long. Indeed, his groomed hair goes down to his lower back, or even lower down, he takes care of his hair and it is not uncommon to see a rebelling strand of hair parting from the bidable rest, before it's pushed back to it's place by a nonchalant motion of the Fox's finger. Often, he binds several strands to a high bun. He's not an androgynous man, the white waterfall of hair surrounds his face with pleasant, masculine and remarkable features. You'd usually get the chance to see just a half of his face. As some people may wear masks, in Thaelab's case those long white strands almost systematically cover the left part of his face and his left blind eye.

His skin has a perfect complexion, slightly towed by the sun, which brings out the deep azure blue of his right eye, the only visible one, which seems to glow. His probing gaze spares no one, even the most insignificant being will get his attention for a while.

Sometimes he smiles, adding a touch of nonchalance to this attitude of unwavering calmness. He is always calm, reserved and expresses himself in a voice that is like honey to your ears. He seems tranquil, even when provoked. Even in the most intense situations, you will get a charming smile, which does not bode anything good in such a situation. He dresses elegantly, takes care of his appearance under all circumstances. In addition to his neat style, there are various jewels, two rings in his right ear, sometimes gold, sometimes silver, matching his outfit for the day. A piercing on the bridge of his nose and a blue crystal earring in his left ear that gleams in various situations.

Of course, you may also notice a pair of fox ears protruding out of his hair on the sides of his head, them of the same color as his hair, with some slightly darker contrasts. His ears react slightly to noises, betraying the attention he pays to what is happening around him, even when he seems occupied by looking at a thing.

Race ???
Gender Male
Age Seems to be in his thirties
Build Athletic
Height 5'11
Weight 178 lbs  
Skin Color Grayish White
Eye Color Azur Blue
Alignment ???
Faith ???
Profession Adventurer
Occupations Fighting, Exploring, Chatting
Languages Common, Murian, Mulhorandi

The Song

The Abilities
Keen Senses Not really a power, per se, but he has the keen sense of smell and hearing.
Venom immunity the character is immune to all poisons.
Shapeshifting He is natural shape-shifters, though their aptitude for it tends to vary widely. WYSWYG.

//Not a native speaker, but I like learning English, so I come here to play and do my best to be better. If you are looking for perfection, I am afraid to disappoint you, if you are patient, however, I would be happy to do my best to honour Shakespeare.

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Gender (Visually):Male
Race (Visually): Human