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Yorla appear to be the very successful example of a cross-fertilization between man and orc.
She inherited the positive genes of her orcish parent providing her body with a stout build and bulging muscles on her limbs and torso, quite impressive even compared to others of her kind.
Bur her human genes also allowed for Yorla to retain quite a feminine grace,  beauty and an intellect more apt than the usual thug or brutish attitude otherwise common among half-orcs.

Dark ivy hair is combed towards one side to hang down the shoulder in a fairly well kept mess.
Her body otherwise are adorned with some tribal tattoos and a ring inserted into her nose.
A larger, golden version is situated at the root of the fairly sizeable cock that dangle between her legs. Yorla does not seem to mind exposing it at all, nor does she look embarassed if that fact were to be pointed out.

---- Lights------
(Red) The usual stuff (server rules, scat, vore, gore, pedophilia etc.)

(Red) This character is already taken and is used to emphasize the domme nature of her mistress. As such: no permanent enslavement by anyone else.

(Red) No animals or overly equine  looking characters.

(Red) Body modifications or piercings.
No need for more rings or adornments.

(Green) Women, men, shemales.
Bdsm and vanilla etc.
Yorla is mainly submissive but only if her mistress allows for her to serve someone else.
For everything else, ask and I'll let you know if something rubs me the wrong way.
Gender (Visually):Female
Race (Visually): Human