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It would appear Yorla is the very successfull cross-fertilization between man and orc.
Her orcish heritage have provided her a fairly stout and athletic build with bulging muscles on arms and a set of powerful thighs and shapely calves.
The hourglass shaped torso is quite impressive even compared with others of her kind, and she sports a well endowed bust.

Yorla's human heritage on the other hand have given her somewhat more finer facial features. A pair of high cheekbones and a somewhat softer then square shaped jawline, frames her face.
The pair of ember-, almost golden colored eyes, often come with a somewhat subservient tone to them, and she is prone to lower her gaze in the company of more dominant people.

A few tribal tattoos cover her neck, torso and bust, and the head is adorned with a somewhat untangled mess of dark hair that hangs down on one side and over her back.
A ring is pierced into her nose and she wears a studded dog collar around her neck at all times.

Regardless her feminine form, Yorla carries a member between her legs.
Compared to some sizes spotted in Sinfar it is quite modest, but still  to be regarded as sizeable enough.
It would appear it is not a cause for embarassment to her, though she tends to try cover it in public if she gets aroused.

All in all Yorla very much give the impression of a domesticated animal.
The typical primal nature of her kind seem replaced in her with a more civilized and subservient demeanor.

---- Lights------
* Roleplay (suprisingly?)
* Women, men, shemales, fembois.
* Bdsm, humiliation/ degradation play.
(may involve watersports)
* Yorla is mainly submissive but only if her mistress allows for her to serve someone else.
* Vanilla sex.
For everything else, ask and I'll let you know if something rubs me the wrong way.

(Red) >I don't like:
* The obvious server rule violation stuff
* Scat.
* Vore and excessive gore
* Pedophilia and obvious child characters.
* Yorla already have a mistress.
* Dismemberment and heavy torture.
* No animals or similar characters.
* Yorla is a pretty sweet girl, but if you're looking for "true and everlasting" love roleplay, look elsewhere.
Gender (Visually):Female
Race (Visually): Human