Ereis Eyolf

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 Greens (yes, please) :
Romance, Bromance, Cuddles, IC drama/banter, Heterosexual encounters, all races. Genderswapping.

 Yellows (mood-dependant) :
Male/Male, Male/herms or trans, BDSM, PvP

 Reds (no, just no) :
Gore, Vore, scat, anything against the server rules, Hyper, non-sexual torture

A hirsute male wolfkin sporting bulging muscles.
His appearance might look threatening given a dark enough ambience and his powerful physique would make poeple think he's bad news.

In fact, despite his "Big Bad Wolf" looks, Ereis happens to be laid back and overall a surprisingly amicable individual.
His deep blue eyes watching those around him with genuine curiosity.
Wearing at most shorts, he can be often seen playing the lute and singing along with a deep, baritone voice.

Seems like one of these travelling musicians. An unusually buff one.
And wolfish, of course.
Gender (Visually):Male
Race (Visually): Human