Kizorl Many-Seed

Name: Kizorl Many-Seed
Race: Earth Genasi
Gender: Male (Has Female Form)
Height: 7'1
Weight: 255 lb
Build: Athlete
Skin Color: White Steel
Eye Color: Rubies
Hair Color: Blood


Physical Description: The odd manifestation of mixed breeding before you is a towering mass of toughened tungsten turned to a talcum color like hot, bleached metal. His body is a rippling, coarsing sea of defined peaks and edges giving him a very angular, jagged appearance like the man had been hewn out of some marble formation long ago. His limbs along look like massive, corded ropes that could wrap around a giants neck. His entire demeanor radiates power but is motionless - calm. Very much like a mountain his physical strength seems to be just to be the peak.

Clearly a warrior of some kind he wields a massive sword like many others in the isle but he does not wear armor of any kind instead favoring simple, ergonomic leathers that restrain his more unwieldy bits and a skirt for modesty. A pair of ruby plated boots seems to be very well taken care of and always glistens - spotless.


Scent: He radiates a very neutral aroma like a damp, rocky grotto but when he perspires or becomes excited he gives off an odor like fumes from a volcano.


Detection: If one were to use detection upon him they would find that he is completely unaligned. Those that attempt to dig deeper would find, surprisingly, that this brute has several mental defenses in effect.


Anyone with the ability to use telepathy would easily find this orc bloods mind attuned to psionic powers and though not overt can clearly wield them.



Body Sculpting: His mastery of psionics has allowed him to not only dominate someones mind but also their body morphing it to whatever pleasing shape he might - or you might enjoy at the time.

Mind Sculpting: He can carefully alter someones memories, manipulate the different parts of the brain and even put people into a solipsism(pm for details) for extended periods.

Meld With Stone/Metal: The orc blooded genasi is fully able to move through these substances at half his speed.


SRP related:

Sexuality: He is mostly straight, a top and prefers feminine characters for ERP.


White - Anal, oral, deepthroat, titfucking, big cocks, big tits, big ass, tooth removal, roughness, lots of cum, occasionally extreme things

Greens - Preeeeetty much everything

Reds - Really don't have any but I reserve the right to just not do something if I'm not in the mood. Never be afraid to ask me for anything wild, wacky or weird!
Gender (Visually):Male
Race (Visually): Human