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As so often, the Drow before you joined savagery with beauty, though those familiar with their culture could quickly ascertain that something was afoul. In stride, her gait appeared as elegant as it was arrogant. Her entire body and stature oozing with a sense of superiority, as if she stood taller than most with her ample height of 5'6". Each motion was performed with purpose, well practiced, yet she still opted to add superfluous inclinations to each. Violet eyes brimmed with curiosity and disdain, observant as they were predatory, along with a small habit of scanning the immediate vicinity around herself. Black lipstick covering the already dark lips.

Her physique neared that of a well trained, albeit, smaller human. Conditioned by a life-long focus upon the ferocities of raiding and politics, her form had become used to hauling full plate, alongside a generous pack of equipment. Well defined muscles lined all of her body, toning it into a depiction raw strength. Shoulders were broadened slightly by the thick layer of muscle that traveled down her arm, bulging around her biceps and forearms. A shapely chest that stood firm, though the voluptuous orbs retained their supple nature.

Beneath it rested blocks of muscle, the core of her body arduously trained to perfection, hardened for battle. Phaer'vrae's hips happened to be a proper set of child bearing hips, wide and curvaceous. Ready to bring her off-spring into the world, if they hadn't already. A delectable aft framed her lower half in all its allure, a hand upon it would find a bountiful treasure no doubt. And last, but not least, her tall legs were well shaped thanks to the years of travel that the Drowess found herself in. Broad thighs that neared the size of her hips gradually grew sleeker as they neared her knees. Remaining well balanced in their appearance.

The right tip of her ear seemed to have been cut off, though in all her brilliance, the Drowess had adorned each with an ornamental silver cap. Hoping to hide her disfigurement. Several more thin and silver rings lined the length of each ear, just to end at her earlobe. Where the same metal was utilized to socket small amethysts. The contrast between ebony skin and silver didn't end there, a septum ring rested neatly beneath her nose. While her lower lip saw a ring adorn it.

What truly made her stand out, could only be seen as her skin became exposed. From hands, to arms, to shoulders and back, ritual carvings flowed in Illuskan knot works. Though no true depictions were formed, the incline in scarred tissue could easily be seen within the dark, slightly lighter than the rest of her skin. Swirling and connecting widely across the affected areas. Even her sides, down past her hips, to end up the lower end of her thighs saw the same painful artwork.

[OOC: I'm rather tell friendly! Any consequence or dire encounter my character may go through will be played out to the best of my abilities Though I may opt to fade to black if it's something I simply cannot endure. As for the usual traffic lights, even there I'm open for most things. Worst case, just send me a tell! As for setting up encounters, or to play into this characters path or past, I am more than ready to discuss parts that others can hook into. To expand the tale of her departure to the surface, and the dangers that may have come with it.]
Gender (Visually):Female
Race (Visually): Elf