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  The tale of Esegar is not one for the faint of heart. Do not ask him to explain his story if you are not ready to hear pain, or misery from the lowest depths of humanity itself. A better summary would be to know that he is from a town called Majula, a costal village in the ruined kingdom of Drangelic. It's best just to leave it there. His appearance he keeps hooded for the most part, not wanting to seem to draw too much attention. His demeanor is rather plain, as it seems he does not care much for 'reputation' or what others seem to think. He is rather plain and straightforward. Normal human emotion seems to roll off him like water droplets down and iceberg in the thick of summer. That said, he does not opperate without principals. He might not be the most likeable man, but he is honest, to the point that it might offend others for calling them out for what they are. He does not care. Justice seems to be his highest priority, meaning that he will make sure it is done to the best of his abilities. Through good or evil actions he will see it carried out, atleast, in his own way.

 Although he appears somewhat plain, he is not a stranger to danger. A quick conversation will reveal he served with some strange faction known as the 'Abyss Walkers', whatever that is, though he will probably mention that it happened some time ago and that he has no more ties to them. He doesn't seem to ever be lost, per-se, though he doesn't appear to have found what he is looking for. His attitude only seems to further reinforce this fact, like a dog that was left out on a chain in the rain for too long, or an old forgotten child that nobody wanted to adopt. Quite sad actually, yet if you stared into his eyes long enough you would sense some sort of inner fire, a surprise perhaps, waiting for the right moment to be unleashed. While he certainly does not seem like someone that will jump down your throat for no reason, you seem to have the faintest feeling that you don't want to piss him off.

  No lights, No promises, No mercy.

       Press F1 for pvp.
Gender (Visually):Male
Race (Visually): Human