Vincent Ryder

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(OOC: English aint my native language, so please be forgiving if you spot any errors. If said errors are in RP, you might consider it's his way of talking, since common is not is native tongue either, as for the emotes, well... please be forgiving.)

Race: Catfolk - Tigren

Gender: Male

Age: Hard to determine for a catfolk, but clearly a young adult.

Size: Average to a little below average

Built: Hard to see with the fur. Not a muscle mountain, but seems to be well fit.

Fur: Stripes of grey and black, with white on the belly, the paws and the face.

Eyes: Dark yellow with a vertical pupil.

Smile: YES ! With lots oh teeth.

Accent: Hard to describe, sometimes it feels like it comes from the bottom of the throat. Would sound a bit like a weird irish/pirate accent. Might slurrs from time to time.

Clothing and jewels: Essentially oriented toward the practicality, however, he still is somehow concerned with his appearance and is attracted toward colorfourfull dress with little trinkets on it. He wears a golden earing on the right ear.

Sex: He has one. Why do you ask ?

Orientation: Straight. (Or else, it was because he was too drunk, and it meant nothing, ok?)


Who never dreamed about being reincarnated in a cat ?
Well, not this guy, let me tell you.
When he's not taking a nap under the sun, he can be seen wandering around, trying to meet new people, making friends, silly shinanigans, courting ladies and probably looking for adventures where he souldnt go.

His walk betrays a pretty good sense of balance, since he is often dancing and humming to an imaginary, probably jazzy song in his head, swinging his tail from left to right.

Curiosity killed the cat, they say ? Not this one. Well, not yet. Let's keep it that way.


OOC preferance: looking to have fun and RP, adventures are higly desired, sillies or epics ones, or event better: BOTH. Not a big fan of PvP, or at least not for the sake of it, but ok with it if the RP requires it. Lighhearted stories or grittier ones are appreciated all alike.


RED: Rape, vore, torture, underage, scat, beastiality (he is a catfolk, so a cat for him is like an ape to a human).

YELLOW: Groups (I find it hard to focus), heavy BDSM and heavy dom/sub (Can do in some circunstances, but it's not my cup of tea.)

GREEN: Pretty much evrything else.
Long relationship, short ones, one night stand...
Vanilla or more wild and roughplays.
His orientation is clearly towards females, but I wont mind if he have some weird experiences, I might ask to shorten the thing though.  

Tell friendly: don't hesitate to ask !

Player:Eladämri Seigneur des Frondaisons
Gender (Visually):Male
Race (Visually): Elf