Serra Hunter

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A young woman with that "girl next door" kind of look, if she were still human, that is. Naturally pretty, with enhancements that helps her features stand out much more than they used to. Mousy brown hair pulled back into a simple ponytail, with a fringe that often falls in front of her deep, forest green eyes; the pupils slitted like predatory animals. A pair of rectangular glasses sit perched on her nose, though whether they're actually necessary any more or purely decoration is questionable. Dark painted lips are plump and soft looking, hiding pearly white teeth and slightly elongated canines. Her tongue extends further than any human one, ending in a bit of a point. Dull grey horns curve around either side of her head like a crown, further telling of her corruption from being on these isles. Her curves, once modestly feminine, have become much more exaggerated. Firm breasts, which had been only a comfortable handful before, were now much closer to a double, even triple handful. They no longer sit as high upon her chest, heavier, with a lovely tear drop shape, and puffier nipples that seem to be permanently hard. A slim waistline fills out to widened, round hips and tight "spankable" butt, with a short, prehensile little tail extended from the base of her spine. Light muscle definition sculpts her form, fit and athletic, with hidden strength beneath the surface. Her legs are long, thick, and shapely, having a deceptive appearance of being more than half her height; less than human below the knee, inverting half way down, ending in dainty cloven hooves. Wrapped in taught, lightly sun-kissed flesh, with a sprinkling of pale freckles across her nose, cheeks, and shoulders.

Secured around her pale, slender throat was a black band that first appeared strictly decorative. A thin choker with a jingling silver tag, hanging against her throat; the front stylized with a crooked, gothic 'S', and on the back, simply the words, 'Solomon's Bitch'.

A pretty little gothic number in deep purple fabric. Fishnets being an over all theme, and a short skirt that shows off her shapely thighs.

Corruption has taken root and now tangled inside her body.

Inside, there was a greedy, hungry beast that wasn't easy to satisfy. Pleasure came with specific demands. Normal males unlikely to give her what she needs, unable to scratch the itch that prickled deep in her core.

Gentleness might stimulate her mind, but did nothing for the needs of her body. Pain aroused her. If her craving was unfulfilled, she simply couldn't reach orgasm. Not to say she doesn't necessarily have fun trying, but she'll be stuck on the edge, unable to cross over.

Anything that breaks the rules. Vanilla. Romance. Feces. Vomit. Submissives. Being dominant. Having her gender changed. First and second person emotes. Pushy players. Poor/lazy English. More than one partner at a time. Serial loggers. Sharing personal intimate OOC information. Walk-ups expecting immediate, consensual sex. Severely exaggerated proportions. Natural pregnancy.

Feet. Urine. Women, with or without cocks.

Common sense. Generic RP. Non-sexual friendships. Long term RP. Short term RP. Capture. Rape. Pleasure control. Light BDSM. Confidant, dominating males. Small monsters. Large monsters. Tentacles. Ovipositing. Magically accelerated pregnancy. Roughness. Abuse. Threats. Fear. Reluctance. Choking. Cute/sexy outfits. Descriptive writing. Improvised toys. Toys. Groping. Fondling. Discrete public sex. Stretching. Subtle magical enhancements. Thick cocks. Lactation. Squirting. Hentai-esque. Size difference. Cervical penetration. Deep throat. And still more to be named.
Player:I Like Change
Gender (Visually):Female
Race (Visually): Human