Aeliyah (E-Lee-Uh, enjoys E-Lee for short)

A dark haired, taller than average human, recently arrived to Sinfar, Aeliyah has completed her training, seen a bit of the land in the process and is now ready to spread her wings to explore other areas of this strange new land, as well as some of it's social aspects. Now a slightly more mature priestess, Aeliyah looks forward to discovering more about the pathway her goddess has set for her.

If one were to draw close to Aeliyah, depending on what she was wearing, they might notice a silver necklace around Aeliyah's neck with a small silver disc hanging from the necklace. The disc is of excellent craftsmanship and shows an image of seven stars encirceling a pair of bright eyes.

Just behind Aeliyah's left hip is the remnant of what seemed to be a very ornate tattoo, that once adorned the side and front of her hip, which has been expertely removed.

While enjoying her explorations, Aeliyah does not seem preoccupied by them, gladly enjoying interactions and conversations with those she meets. Quiet and somewhat contemplative both by nature and vocation, Aeliyah enjoys the interuptions to her hunting trips and the ensuing visits to the cities markets and forges.

Height: 5'9" (1.75m)
Hair: Black
Age: seems to be early middle aged (33ish)
Bust: Full C
Eyes: Gray / Green

Aeliyah is mostly straight (85% ish) though has enjoyed the company of other women on occasion and certainly enjoyed it. She seems to have a preference for humans, as well as taller elves and half elves. Under the right situations, with the right people and perhaps with the help of a glass of wine or two, Aeliyah has found herself more than comfortable participating in threesomes as well as larger group intimacies. During her time in Sinfar, Aeliyah has come to feel comfortable as a Switch, enjoying the role the situation dictates.


Things that belong in the bathroom as well as the rest of the usual gross things. Rape, dismemberment, perma-death, breaking of server rules, etc...

Unrealistic sizes, just simply don't do it for me. If a cock is too large Aeliyah will find a nice way to excuse herself from the scene or perhaps a not so nice way.

Player:Proporzione Divina
Gender (Visually):Female
Race (Visually): Human