Ilyrana Qiran

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Name: Ilyrana
Gender: Pure Female
Race: Elf/Half Dragon (awakened Gold Dragon)

Ilyrana was born into nobility, being the eldest of the children and next in like for house Qiran. Her family was a lesser regent along the borders of a distant Human - Elf. The entirety of her family has full devote to Bahamut her mother a Cleric and her father a paladin. Though it's expected of the female children to take after the clergy she wished to train and focus on her paladin hood.

Though fully devote, she was a bit of a brat believing she was entitled to everything her family name brought them, she was spiled in her grooming for the next house matron. This, unfortunately, went to her head, on one of her outings she lost her temper and lashed out at a merchant, slaying him.

This caused her to fall from her family favor and that of her patron, she later learned this was a set up from her younger bother to remove her from the line. She fled from her home estate and hid in name from those around who might know of her. Her brother now the regent, has tried many times in her life.

Though, she no longer desires to return to her nobility or her family.

She appears to be a rather small elf, and quite visibly a knight or a paladin. Wearing the colors of White, silver, blues. Blond-gold hair falls past her shoulders, golden eyes seem to be watching those around her. A small cluster of golden horns appeared on her head.

A collar having found a way to her throat, she's always pulling at it trying to get it off. The lock some sort of complicated magic keeping it snuggly in place. Her name and the name Drachirat etched into the plate at the front.


Gender (Visually):Female
Race (Visually): Elf