Niko Sakakibara

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Race: Human
Age: 26 Years
Height: 168 cm (5' 5")
Weight: 55.34 kg (122 lbs)
Ethnicity: Rokugani (Japanese)
Languages: High/Low Rokugani, Kozakuran, Wa-an, Common


Fair porcelain skinned petite face framed by draped snow white hair bangs and ruby red lips all starkly contrasted are her dead black void eyes. Rather a -lack- of eyes as all that is there the absence and scorch marks perhaps burnt out. Gold ornate earrings hang that sway on their own with the brilliant light flickering (those with keen eye sight can see they are captured forest spirits). A gold crown with a pair of black as night horns stand tall, dangling from the horns appears to be two blinking eyes jammed into the gem slots.


Tightly bound on her back was a long handled odachi blade, nearing to touch the ground and it's handle well above her her, the weapon nearly as tall as her. Intricately designed robes with various local clans and factions from Rokugan seemingly perhaps a ronin whom flaunts their history, or just stolen robes. Down at her side a wakizashi kept at the ready. At her neck two silk cords in a loose knot holding her half-cloak.

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I don't like to reveal my likes and dislikes, I want people to play their character as they envision. The fun is discovering what works and doesn't, an organic role play experience! ^_^
Gender (Visually):Female
Race (Visually): Human