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~OOC note, I am Dyslexic so I mostly spell Phonetically.~

Name: Nerida Strife

Age: Appears in her late twenties.

Eyes: Stormy sea blue eyes border with thick, dark lashes and charcoal makeup to give her a stand-offish look.

Hair: Ebony black locks with a flash of silver gray.

Voice: Her smoky sounding voice carries a cold cadence of unwavering confidence.

Scent: Earthy sent of the forest, salt of the sea, and the tang of alchemy chemicals.

Noticeable features:

~A large teal gem set in gold, hanging from a black pearl stud. This earring is her only piece of gold jewelry.

~A line of charcoal from her bottom lip, down over her chin and on to the smooth plains of her neck.


At a glance you see a slender, athletic woman of above average height. Ivory pale skin, long smooth limbs toned to a predators grace. Full rounded breasts seem to offer the only softness one might see when spotting her. She wears a sturdy pair of full length leather boots, well fitting trousers, and an assortment of belts and pouches. Her waistcoats and shirts seem designed to show off her feminine features. She has the light step of a hunter, a cool and calculated look.

Over all she looks dark, dangerous, and unforgiving.


Theme Song:
Digital Daggers - The Devil Within

Particular favorites: She is based off of the Darkmist Accursed: Gaelic, Celtic, Barbarian cultures. Lovecraft, Folktales, superstitions, all that good old stuff. Darker more realistic, nitty-gritty themed RP. Love/hate friendships, blackmail, alchemy, power struggles, trickery, dice or RP fights.

Lights: I'm very open minded, I love imaginative RP! Consequences to my characters actions and others! Long term RP with Plots. Walk up, chit chatting, I'll give what I get! You put in so will I. Power-play, Deviousness, Manipulation, Seduction, Kinky, BDSM are all good fun.

I don't really have reds. I will go with the flow of rp and would rp my way out if I am uncomfortable with something. I will not break server rules and I would like a heads up to any permanent changes you wish to make to my character. Please don't God game, or meta game.

Got a thought or wish to ask me something feel free to pm me, I wont bite hard.
Gender (Visually):Female
Race (Visually): Human