Race: Half-fey
Gender: Female
Height: 4'3''
Eyes: Blue
Hair: Black, unless dyed
Skin: Pale, alabaster
Sexuality: Pansexual

This woman would look, if not for her height, like a normal specimen of the elven race.  Long, black hair, often tied back or worn in ringlets, occasionally left to trail free and fall down her back.  Flawless, pale skin, free of blemishes and scars contrasted wonderfully with those long tresses, and the pointed ears suggested elven heritage.  She always wore blush upon her cheeks, gloss or paint upon her lips, adding to the colors upon that pale flesh.  Large, expressive blue eyes were decorated as well with mascara and dark eyeshadow.

Her body, too, was flawless.  Petite, though unmarred, no scars, soft, as though she'd never worked a day in her life.  While not as curvaceous as many, she was still obviously feminine, with a waist that tapered in before swelling in the gentle curves of her hips, that perky rump either clad in tight pants or pressed out against a skirt.

The woman often wore glasses and carried either a book or a staff, and even occasional wore a pointy, black hat.  This accompanied a small pouch for reagents and components and similar things upon her belt, removing any doubt as to what her profession might be.

If visible, those slender fingers were each capped with a nail perfectly manicured and usually painted, usually in black or dark purples.  Those toes, too, capped small, petite feet, painted all the same, the woman occasionally eschewing footwear to show them off.

If it weren't for her height, she'd seem like a particularly well kept elf, sharing many of the qualities and features that one might have.  However, she seemed almost certain to hold more to her, from the grace she moved with to the natural magical talent she held.

The petite half-fey could recently be seen with a new piercing in her nostril, a small, glittering sapphire present there.  She also wore a wedding band on her finger, etched intricately with leaves, vines, and ivy, and set with a prominant teal sapphire.

White: Cuddles, Snuggles, soft and gentle, rough and harsh, dress-up

Red: Scat, Gore, Ageplay
Gender (Visually):Female
Race (Visually): Elf