Stacy O'neill

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She's a young adult, maybe around twenty years old, standing at a height of just over five and a half feet. Copper hair frames her heart-shaped face, and a pair of eyes, so dark they appear black, peer out from behind a set of rectangular glasses. Her fair skin is almost impossibly pale, with only a hint of olive undertone, and the lightest peppering of barely visible freckles.

Her frame is slender, athletic, with curves that are subtly feminine, rather than overly exaggerated. Lean and willowy, she's obviously not built for physical combat, though she's surprisingly sturdy; the initial assumption of frailness an illusion.

Her breasts are small, barely mounds upon her chest, with sensitive, perky nipples outlined in nearly anything she wears. A narrow waist widens to slim, curved hips, and a pert, round butt. Long shapely thighs and calves, count for over half her height, making her appear taller than she truly is.

Those familiar with, or possess the senses to determine: a weak aura of magic surrounds her, pulsing though her veins as naturally as life's blood.

Player Lights

REDS= scat, vomit, breaking server rules, OOC Drama, god-gaming, first and second person emotes (ie. "I/me/my". "you/your"), massively oversized anatomy compared to body, permanent anything without OOC consent first, pure submissives, professing one's love after only only a brief encounter.

GREENS= General RP, flirting, teasing, seduction, embarrassing situations, tops/dominants, coercion, force, rape, private, public (whispers), one time, short term, long term, public nudity, sub/slave training, Stockholm syndrome, inhuman monsters, orcs, goblinoids, demons, devils, dwarves, vaginal, large vaginal insertions, anal, toys, oral, spanking, light BDSM, collar and leash, cute/sexy clothes, wild/savage outfits, magic, ovipositing, tentacles, strange insertions, marking: physical and/or scent.
Player:Cotton Candy
Gender (Visually):Female
Race (Visually): Human