Name: Hradash
Age: Mid 30s
Race: Half-Ogre
Gender: Shemale
Sexual Preference: Bisexual, with a preference for feminine features. Basically -

Female > Herm > Shemale > Trap/Feminine male > Masculine male.

A bulky wall of pure muscle standing at around seven feet tall, Hradash looms over most people she meets. Her features lean too far toward the monstrous side of her nature for her to ever be called "beautiful", though she does manage to avoid the truly grotesque appearance of a full-blooded ogre.

While she may appear savage and brutish, Hradash was actually raised among humans, where her sheer size and frightening appearance often led to her becoming employed by any minor noble, wealthy merchent, or underworld figure looking to put on a show of strength. She has also previously been employed as a mercenary, and made a more independant living as a travelling adventurer.

While Hradash was born female, she currently comes equipped with a rather imposing length tucked away between her thighs. This is the result of a bit of fleshcrafting performed by a wizard who once employed her services. It is also something that she feels suits her much better than the feminine sex she was born with.

Some who interact with Hradash might find her to be a bit of a gentle giant, while others might find her to be rough and demanding. It really depends on how they react to her, and what she decides they deserve.

OOC Stuff:

Green Lights: Innocent virgins. Depraved whores. Anyone who falls between those two extremes, who might still be up for some fun. Rough fucking. Gentle sex. Willing and eager partners. Intimidation/Dubious consent. Vaginal/Oral/Anal (Giving, and in that order). Oral (Receiving). Breeding.

Yellow Lights: Outright rape (Only if I'm in the mood, and only if it's clearly listed as something you want for your character).

Red Lights: Piss and shit. Blood and gore. Vomit.
Player:Boss Monster
Gender (Visually):Female
Race (Visually): Half-Orc