Warden Majora

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Name: Majora Evenstrider
Title: Warden
Gender: Female
Age: 5477
Race: Nightelf

Important Note:
When in Stealth -> Give me a tell, since she isn't necessarily standing at the spot.


Majora is a well respected and feared minority of her kind. In young age 'they' told her, it was her destiny to become a warrioress of the Moon and to take up the ranks of a warden and to succeed in their position. Ever since her golden youth, she knew, her goddess and her ancestors were smiling down upon her, suffusing the dark path towards her future in everglowing, bright light. For a millenia she has known nothing but the battlefield, war and servitude towards her goddess, as she finally took up the armor and blade of her fallen mother and was driven by hatred and vengeance throughout her whole career as a watcher - and later on, a warden - to expunge the evil from the face of this earth. She has sworn to patrol all the land until her marching feet have trampled a consecrated path no scoundrel would ever dare to cross.

Following her code of behaivour, Majora's personality remains a foggy mystery. One might catch a glimpse of her true self and find a caring and kind character somewhere, trampled by the relentless drill of a thousand year's march into battle against all evil and disgraceful in the eyes of her venerable goddess Elune.
As mysterious and wonderous as her past, she is often seen in her full attire which is covered by a thick, saber coat adorned by razersharp shuriken woven into the edges and corners, she could throw in a circle around her with just an easy twirl of her strong body. One might never see her unmasked face and she herself prefers to wear her helmet with much comfort, taking great care to never reveal her nature to anyone unfamiliar.


This sinister tall figure of a seemingly amazonian pale elf has put her sharp gaze on her enviroment. Her upright and truthful posture is of elvish perfection, with an sublime superiority and souvereignity unseen, unspoken and unheard of. Her selfcontrol has reigned  her feminine, well-rounded body through punishment and condition into an athletic, toned battle-ready device of pain and destruction. She emits a virile aggression and self discipline which usually expressed through the mindset of an archetypical male individual. Seeing her stand ever so calmly, strictly breathing in time with her inner, threatening clock. As one might consider her gloomy expression, they would find hers rather hard to read in general - almost emotionless - if it weren't for the discreet rage and hatred burning underneath the surface of her green glowing eyes, exposing her temper on a subconscious, personal level causing existential dread to anyone foolish enough to dwell in their fear of the unknown. Subtle, yet powerful enough, to let one reconsider their approach, as she radiates an unique authority which, can cause heavy inhibtion and stress apparently out of the blue. While one might feel terrorized and pursued by her watchful, dead stare, she borrows the judging gaze of an all-knowing witness - even though she might know nothing of their wrongdoing yet, she unwaveringly sees through their facade and beats their guilt in oppressive silence.



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Gender (Visually):Female
Race (Visually): Human