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Pronounced "You-Less-Leen"

Lin (not Uhyls, he won't answer or acknowledge to that) is a some what typical looking Drow Jaluk with the stereo typical reddish eyes (though maybe a bit of charm in them, but not harshness), a perpetual smirk on his lips (usually with a cigarette hanging from it).  Across one eye is a scar, luckily it misses the orb itself.  Dressed in finely cut clothes, looking almost akin to a pirate.  He can be quiet, but acts with an air of corrupted correctness in all things, but not pompous or arrogant or even entitled.. Across his back is a well crafted bow.  No other adornments save for his earrings, beautifully wrought silver with vines and leaves if you look close enough, odd markings for a Drow one might guess.  Around his neck is a coolly forged silver necklace with a small golden palm dangling from it, an odd metal for a drow.

"Ilharess, she has not returned.. may I go and find her?"
The matron replied, "No, if she has not returned then she is dead and if not, she will be executed on her return."
He felt the finality in those words, but then he had always been weak in their eyes.. a useless jaluk to sit and strum his lute with scared fingers...  He had always been afraid...   NOT this time.. he started out at the hours of mid-sleep and wandered into the tunnels and caverns outside the city, not sure of where to go.. only UP to the surface...

It had not been an easy road for so inept a house boy, but the gods love fools one can guess.  And the trolls almost ate him save for that odd human that was in further then he would have suspected.. The red haired one took him up and up into the sun..  It hurt it stung his skin and eyes, but the human took care of him, taught him a few things and gave him a simple bow..  Then introduced him to the other odd human in plate mail and that one taught him manner, and worse, he gave him a moral code, far different from that with which he was raised...

(to be continued...)

The build is DA's, but looks of this handsome Drow bastard are courtesy of Lack_Of_Imagination and her awesome designing skills (shamelessly sucking up to her <3)
Player:Reckless Impluse
Gender (Visually):Male
Race (Visually): Elf