Echika Hirose

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Name: Echika Hirose
Race: Earth Kitsune
Age: Rude, don't ask!
Height: (Get back to ya when I check)
Gender: Herm w/ fox member
Eye Color: Bright Yellow
Tails: One
Build: Skinny, not very curvy, small chest
Scent:  Berry, with a tinge of Cinnamon

Echika is a timid Kitsune, being fairly shy with those she barely knows.  

Her hair and fur are all a brownish orange, her skin tan in hue.  Her bright yellow eyes are slit and bright, the bridge of her nose peppered with little orange freckles.  A cute little button nose rests atop a pair of full lips, about the only thing on her that is filled out.

Moving down, Echika's chest is also spattered with freckles, her breasts a mild B cup.  Her hips aren't flared out, rather fairly straight, and her belly shows signs of little muscle.  

Moving down even further, Echika's member is about average in size, though a bit girthy.  Maybe this is the reason she is shy, who knows?  Either way, that member sits between a pair of skinny legs, a visible gap between them if she is wearing pants.

Whites: Romance, cuddling, RP, handjobs

Greens: Women, Herms, Shemales, vaginal, oral, butt stuff, giving and receiving, conversation, adventuring, subbing, 69, boobjobs, creampies, and so on.

Yellows: Men

Reds: Scat, vore, server rules

I am very tell friendly, ask away!

Gender (Visually):Female
Race (Visually): Elf