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Koriand'r is the heroine known as Starfire; the friend known as Kori; and the Tamaranean exile more formally known as Princess.

Human on first assessment, Koriand'r's alien attributes become clear upon a second glance, and severely so upon extended viewing.  Her skin verges out of the range of tan and into the boundaries of golden orange; her eyes, sclerae and irises alike, are a rich green that emit light when she is physically or emotionally agitated.  Her hair is astonishingly full, curly, vibrant and suspiciously free of tangles as though independently complicit under its own power of aiding in her presentation.  Shapely, tall, full figured and averse to an abundance of clothing, the young princess fits in the Sinfarian menagerie without great difficulty.

Her voice is sweet to hear, though often touched with imperfect common and collapsing grammar.
Gender (Visually):Female
Race (Visually): Human