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Growing up on an island so far away from the mainland not even the natives have a name for it and having lived isolated for two decades without influence from the outside world, one would assume this girl to be either frightened or utterly lost when being exposed to a vast new world.
But it is quite the contrary.

Lanuola greets everyone she meets with a bright smile, free from bias and prejudice. Big, bright green eyes take in every detail with curiosty and vivacity, and a mane of unruly, snow-white hair frames a young, oval face.

Colorful tattoos on her dark skin depict a handful of wild animals in varying stages, from moments of calm to combat, as well as people from her tribe celebrating events in the woman's life. While their hair color ranges from light brown to black, only Lanu sports hair as white as snow, from the day she was born to the present.
A fine thread of a luminous, light blue color seems to maneuver between people and animals as though to connect them with each other. Yet on closer inspection, the only link between both is the white-haired woman herself.

Green: giving head, lipservice, handjobs, fingering, hand(s) under clothes (giving & receiving), rubbing crotch against another (giving & receiving), biting, hair pulling (receiving), forcing her into a desired position (see addendum), facials, creampies, oral & deepthroat finishing, clothed or nude or in between, hidden foreplay, hidden sex, magic to enhance the act, only using magic for sex, watching her partner climax without receiving an orgasm herself

Yellow: anything anal (giving & receiving), receiving lipservice, beast races, tails, public, strangling, choking, blood, scars, kidnapping, rape (see addendum)

Red: body modifications, insects, tentacles, eggs, feces, urine, vomit, mind breaking, vore of any kind, permanent leashing

//As a general rule of thumb these are player lights, not character lights. Keep it in mind.
Greens don't have to be asked permission to be acted out (see exception below). Yellows and anything unclear please ask in tells.
Reds are a no no, period.

//Regarding "forcing her into a desired position": while it's a player favorite, it requires trust built up during rp.
//Regarding "kidnapping" and "rape": i ask nothing more but to send a tell if you want to play this out. Don't just walk up and attempt a kidnap without player consent, that will be thoroughly ignored.
Player:less likely
Gender (Visually):Female
Race (Visually): Human